ImageL.A. L.A. big city of dreams
but everything in L.A. ain't always what it seems
you might get fooled if you come from outta town
cuz we comin from Minnesota and the Wolves gets down

– I was listening to a little Capone-N-Noreaga in the shower today and
I decided that's going to be my unofficial theme song for the upcoming
series. I think my boy KG would be down with have a CNN song as a theme
song. I'm so excited already! The Kings series was hard for me at first
because I'm a closet Kings fan. Nobody will EVER accuse me of being a
closet Lakers fan, though. I take that back, since Magic has retired,
nobody will ever accuse me of being a Lakers fan. The old school Lakers
were sweet though – Magic, Worthy, Kareem, and Kurt Rambis… well,
maybe not so much Kurt Rambis.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Who
    wants to bet that I got listed on Google around 4:50? I got just a
    bunch of hits at the same time. Word on the street is if you type any
    combination of Tony Kornheiser, Jason Alexander, or Listen Up into
    Google, I show up. Which is unfortunate because all I know about the
    show is that it stars Jason Alexander as a character introduced by Tony
    Kornheiser and it's on CBS. I'm trying to find more information, but
    all I kept doing was finding my own site unfortunately. Not the first
    time that's happened (see: kanye west accident pictures)

  • Happy
    Birthday Brent! Nope, it's actually not my birthday today, but it is on
    June 20th. Guess what else is happening on June 20th. Vanilla Ice at
    Playmaker's Pavillion. "Go ninja, go ninja, go!" Seriously, I'm so
    there. On paper, the weekend of June 18th – 20th might be one of the
    best ever. I'm taking Friday off of work to go up to Duluth. Probably
    just gonna chill and watch a movie or something. Then, Satuday morning
    I'm gonna go run the marathon which is something I've been looking
    forward to since October of last year. Spend the night Saturday hanging
    out with friends and doing whatever only to come back home on Sunday
    and heading up to watch Rob Van Winkel! I wanted to see him in concert
    when I was in like 4th or 5th grade, but now I'm going to actually
    check out the hook while the dj revolves it!

  • I
    wanted to (actually still want to) go to Metallica up in Fargo, but the
    cheapest seat you can find is like 55 bucks. Between the whole Napster
    thing, the ridiculous tickets prices, and the horrible last cd, I
    should probably hate Metallica, but they are a pretty sweet band.
    They're already insanely rich, though – they need to drop that ticket

  • More
    concert stuff – I really want to go to the Honda Civic Tour up in Grand
    Forks on Sunday night, but I just don't know if I will cuz I really
    have nobody to go with. I could turn this into another "…it'd be nice
    if I had a girlfriend" talk, but I'll spare you tonight. Anyways, it's
    such a good show (in the order that I like them) – The Get Up Kids,
    Motion City Soundtrack, Thrice, and Dashboard Confessional. Anyone from
    around the area wanna go? I'm dead serious…

  • Can
    you honestly think of a better professional wrestling name than Brutus
    the Barber Beefcake? Sure, Jake the Snake was nearly on that same level
    because he had the snake in his bag in his corner, but it doesn't get
    any better than cutting a guy's hair with hedge clippers, does it?

  • Reports
    are that Warriors GM Chris Mullin fired Eric Musselman and may look at
    hiring Stanford coach Mike Montgomery. Nothing really interesting about
    this story because the Warriors stink and I could care less about Eric
    Musselman, but let's talk about Chris Mullin. First of all, he's the
    greatest videogame basketball player in the history of sports. Take the
    Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin led Warriors and just sit out there and
    can three's all day. Secondly, has anyone ever had a better flattop? I
    mean, this is even better than the Forrest Gump flattop. I honestly
    don't don't think you get a flatter, more perfect top than Chris

  • I
    know that the "Michelle from Full House" twins are supposed to be these
    miniature little fashion divas. Why is it, then, that everytime I see
    them, they looked like they cut up an old carpet from their
    great-grandma's house and made a jacket out of it? I honestly think I
    can't respect someone who doesn't occassionally rock t-shirts and
    jeans, especially if you're still under the age of 30. Doesn't it seem
    like you could just grab the stupidest clothes in your closet – and I
    mean match the wrong colors, styles… everything! Anyways, throw all
    those clothes on walk down a runway. Voila! You are now a fashion
    genius. Better yet, find a girl with two legs that look like a pair of
    nine irons. Make sure you can see every last rib. Now have her put your
    clothes on and you're gonna make it big time!

  • Nice
    to see the New Jersey Nets showed up to play tonight. Losing by 21 in a
    decided game – wow! At least now you know how good they'd be without
    Jason Kidd who put up a goose egg in the points column. I wonder if
    that's ever happened before. Part of me thinks Kidd should try to go
    back to the Mavs. The Mavs should also pick up Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy
    Jackson. While we're at it, they should rock the old blue with green
    and white trim jerseys. I know they'd be in the West with the Wolves,
    but that was my favorite team growing up. My favorite team would've
    been the Wolves, but guys like Laettner, Felton Spencer, JR Rider, and
    Tony Campbell are kinda hard to love.

  • I was thinking of things I need to do this summer. I need to buy a slip-n-slide. How much fun were slip-n-slide's? 
  • I
    was watching Inside the Actor's Studio with Tom Hanks and he was
    talking about Turner and Hooch. A lot of the people were laughing
    because it's generally thought of as a bad movie. I haven't seen it
    since I was younger, but I always thought the movie was funny. Then
    again, I'm a sucker for dog movies. Beethoven and Beethoven's 2nd –
    classics! I thought they were actually going to shoot him with the
    exploding bullet! 101 Dalmations, Homeward Bound… even Air Bud is a
    flick I'll watch anytime it's on tv.
  • I
    finally got a bed! Yesterday morning, I had the morning off so I headed
    over to Bertha to go pick up a new bed for my sister. She got a pretty
    sweet bed, but now I get her old bed which is actually my old bed that
    she stole when I went off to college. I'm just pumped because for the
    first time in four years, I don't have to sleep on a futon/couch/floor!
    The only bad thing is that I'm gonna have to totally redo my room this
    morning. Ugh!

  • When
    is the last time you've actually been in a chat room? Is there anything
    that's ever been invented that's more worthless? I swear the only
    requirement to get into a chat room is that you have to have an IQ
    lower than that of Forrest Gump.
  • I
    read an article that Bill Cosby attacked lower class African-Americans
    for not being good enough parents. While he took it a little far saying
    he doesn't feel bad "for petty criminals getting shot in the back of
    the head over a piece of [stolen] pound cake." I think where he got in
    trouble when he added race into it. Because, I honestly know and see
    many lower class caucasians who are in the same boat. And to be honest,
    he's partially right because there is nothing sadder than seeing a
    parent who doesn't take the time for his/her kid!

anyone will noticed that I called today May 21th? Haha – we'll see…
anyways, tonight I'm going to the track meet at Barnesville. Haven't
been to a track meet in like two weeks, so I'm kinda excited. I was
thinking of going to sub-sections is next Tuesday, but I think I'm
going to be working from 11-7, so that's probably not gonna be
happening. Other than that, I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend.
Running an 18-miler tomorrow morning, so I'm guessing that Becky is
going to try to give me crap for out-kicking her in the half marathon
last Saturday. I can't wait… hehe. Anyways, while you're here, stop by the forums. Also, make sure you drop your two cents about the featured topic – why is America the fattest country? Have a good weekend and come on back often. Tell all your friends, yo!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,