• I’ve been playing around with’s NBA Trade Machine. Here are a few I’ve come up with so far that make sense for a few teams involved…

    Minnesota gets: DeShawn Stevenson, Steve Francis
    Boston gets: Eddie Griffin, Troy Hudson (maybe could throw in a pick)
    Orlando gets: Marko Jaric, Bracey Wright, Paul Pierce

    Brent’s Thoughts – Boston seems to get the shaft here, but then again, this is Danny Ainge we’re talking about. I like this trade for the Magic. As a T-Wolves fan, I don’t know that I’d necessarily be excited for the Franchise coming to town, but I do think it’s realistic.

    Minnesota gets: David Lee, Stephon Marbury
    New York gets: Mark Madsen, Eddie Griffin, Troy Hudson, Marko Jaric

    Brent’s Thoughts – I think the Wolves get the better of this deal although the Knicks would get three quality players. I think Brown wants to get rid of Marbury, but it could be all talk. He never got rid of AI after all his years in Philly. As far as the Wolves are concerned, I’d be hesitant about taking on Marbury again, but they do have to many players that would be a great role player in positions where they have to excel in order for us to be successful.

    Minnesota gets: Sebastian Telfair, Anfernee Hardaway, Sebastian Telfair, David Lee
    Portland gets: Eddie Griffin, Troy Hudson, Stephon Marbury
    New York gets: Mark Madsen, Theo Ratliff, Marko Jaric, Darius Miles

    Brent’s Thoughts – I like this trade. The Wolves lose some potentially awful contracts (Hudson, Jaric) and gain some cap space with Penny coming off the books after this year. Telfair may be tradable with Jarrett Jack having a solid rookie year and Juan Dixon and Steve Blake emerging as quality guards. Telfair and Marcus Banks would make our backcourt incredibly unproven, but they would be athletic with a lot of potential. I think getting rid of Madsen and his questionable contract and getting David Lee in return would be great. The Knicks would get three players they are interested in (Miles, Ratliff, and Jaric) which I can’t help but think would make them a better team. The Blazers get the best player in the deal (Marbury) as well as two solid role players (Griffin and Hudson).

    …and finally, I pulled the trigger on the single greatest trade in the favor of the Timberwolves in the history of the NBA. Remember the Herschel Walker trade? This is like the exact opposite…

    Timberwolves get: Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Charlie Villanueva, DwYane Wade
    Toronto gets: Marko Jaric
    Miami gets: Eddie Griffin
    Cleveland gets: Troy Hudson

    Brent’s Thoughts – Hmm… who did worse in this trade? Miami getting Eddie Griffin for Dwyane Wade or the Cavs getting Troy Hudson for LeBron? It’s almost a tosspup. Wouldn’t it be funny seeing a team with Kevin Garnett as possibly the fourth scoring option? I’d pencil in six to seven straight titles. No lie. I guess if this trade was offered, Kevin McHale probably should say yes. I mean, it would mean less minutes for Ricky Davis. Mark Madsen would get buried on the bench. McCants probably wouldn’t develop as much either. I guess I’d still pull the trigger, though.

    Dot… Dot… Dot…

    • Sara just got back from Mazatlan with a few friends (thankfully – I missed her like mad!) Anyway, this past weekend, I was hanging out with a few friends from college. One of my buddies told me a story about how he’d been to Mazatlan for spring break once. He said he was walking home from a bar when a car full of guys with machine guns pulled up on him. For the record, when your fiance is in a foreign country and you are kind of paranoid to begin with, this is *not* the kind of story you want to hear. In actuality, I’m sure we were in much more danger when we decided to sit around at Grant Park in Chicago for a few hours at about midnight not realizing that it was swarming with homeless people. I still was worried nonetheless.

    • Four simple words: Ron Burgandy Sportscenter Audition. In the words of my buddy Borat, niiiiiice!

    • Yesterday, I talked about the kid getting hit in the head being my all-time favorite videoclip on the internet. Here would be two othersthe would be in the upper echelon of internet clips (and I may have linked to some of these before). Dance contest – since I cannot dance, this is doubly amazing. The Christmas Light House – This house is nuts. Lindsay Lohan as Hermoine on SNL – Too funny…

    Anyways, Im going to cut this short. If any of these NBA trades happen tomorrow, I promise that I will be the first to brag about it. If you check out the trade machine and have any great ideas, post them on the message boards.

    If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,