I'm just chilling (literally) down here in the basement. Had to put in
a quiet 8 hours at work today… since then, I've learned how to play
Nintendo on my Dreamcast and watched the movie Final Destination, which
is a really good flick. The only bad thing about me liking Final
Destination is now I have to purchase Final Destination 2… oh well, I
knew it would happen sometimes anyways. Other than that, it's been a
pretty uneventful day. I don't know why it is, but it's always the days
that I do nothing that I stay up the latest… I'm hoping tomorrow I
have something interesting to say here, but I guess I got nothing

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • When's
    the last time you watch a movie and went "Oh look, it's Christopher
    Lloyd." I don't think I've seen him in a movie since Camp Nowhere or
    Dennis the Menace (and those were both a LONG time ago!)

  • News
    I just found out today… Alisan Porter, or as you probably remember
    her as Curly Sue in the movie Curly Sue has the exact same birthday as
    me (June 20, 1981). Also sharing my exact same birthday… the girl
    that played Stacey on the Babysitters Club movie.

  • Doesn't
    it seem like Keri Russell is the female Samson. I mean, she got a
    haircut and it's been downhill ever since. I wonder… did someone tell
    her to cut the locks or was it a spontaneous mistake like the current
    haircut I'm sporting?

  • Here's
    a kinda morbid though, but I watched Final Destination last night so
    this actually seems pretty tame. If I died tomorrow, would anybody
    outside of my hometown ever know? I mean, people would still probably
    visit my website and think "Hmm… this lazy chump should maybe think
    about updating his site." I'm guessing my website would probably stay
    up for quite a while unless my family cancelled my checking account. If
    I ever do die before my time (AGAIN!), tell my mom to leave the money
    in the account and leave my website up. Haha… seriously though, I
    have a lot of people who I talk to online whether it's through my
    message board, other message boards, email or IMing. I'm almost
    convinced you'd never know it if they died…

  • Speaking
    of which, isn't it kinda ironic that everybody says "What would happen
    if I died tomorrow?" instead of "What would happen if I died today?" It
    seems kinda like a subtle way of people thinking that they obviously
    aren't going to die today when you absolutely never know. I may keel
    over while typing this senten… (just kidding although it is entirely

  • So
    I was flipping through channels last night and I saw that Office Space
    was on the Family Channel. I'm thinking to myself 'Geez, self, they
    really gotta edit that movie to get it on the Family Channel.'
    Apparently it was ok to leave Lawrence's line about "doing two chicks
    at the same time" in, though. Honestly, where has our society gone if
    you can talk about doing two chicks at the same time on the Family

  • Office
    Space is one of those movies where the actors will forever be known by
    me as their Office Space character names. I was watching One Hour Photo
    once and Gary Cole came on. I do recall saying, "Look it's Bill
    Lumbergh." In Bad Santa, I said "Look, it's Samir Nagan… not gonna
    work here." In Identity, I said "Look – one of the Bob's!" And finally,
    in Sex and the City, Band of Brothers, Swingers, and Adaptation –
    "Look, it's Peter!"

  • I
    haven't seen the movie, but doesn't 50 First Dates seem like a movie
    that's gonna be not as good as Groundhog's Day with a leading actor
    who's not as good as Bill Murray? I like Sandler, but he can't messed
    with Big Ern… (different movie, my bad!)

  • Funny
    things that people have seached for an found my site: Ahmad Rashad is
    terrible (this much is true!). "Laura Swisher" – that's not funny, but
    it's on 11th page of Google. Who makes it to the 11th page of a search
    engine? Who makes it past number 1 or 2, to be honest? "get bored when
    nothing to do blog" – well, I do believe that is basically the name of
    the site. Roseanne Bahr – I'm #1 on Google if you search for Roseanne's
    old surname, you're gonna wind up reading one of my longest, most
    random blogs ever. I've got some Marvin Gaye some Luther Vandross –
    good song, but those aren't the lyrics, mi amigo! Shaun White
    pictures… this one kinda surprised me because it was the first time
    anyone had ever come to this site using that search. I figure Shawn
    White pictures has to be a kinda popular search term… so I look where
    I'm ranked – 47th (!!!) page. I made fun of the person who went to the
    11th page, but honestly, who's checking out page 47?
  • I wonder if Chris Tucker is ever going to be in another movie… he hasn't done a thing since Rush Hour 2.
  • Mugsy
    Bouges on Curb Your Enthusiasm was absolutely classic tonight… that
    might be the funniest moment in Curb Your Enthusiasm history.
  • Sex
    and the City's last episode was pretty week. Wilbon (and myself)
    predicted that Sarah Jess would move back to New York and get with
    Big. The only thing you find out is his real name is John… whoop de
    doo! Dis-a-pointed…

And I'm all out… Anyways, there's a new featured topic in the forums, so check out this week's topic: what are your favorite websites? And with that, I'm gonna call it an evening. This guy is tired!