It’s been a long time since I’ve written in this thing. Well, the last time I wrote in here, I was really depressed/pissed in general, so maybe this will be a little better of an entry. Well, I dunno… I’d say it’s probably more interested if I was depressed (or whatever) again, but at least this is more fun for me to write.

   Let’s see, what’s new? We’ll start with new stuff and move backwards, since I haven’t written in here for a long time. Hmmm… let’s see. Went to the Something Corporate concert today. It was really, really sweet. I’m a huge fan of Something Corporate and it’s always awesome to go to bands that you know almost every lyric of every song, so it was a blast. I took my younger sister for her birthday and I’m pretty sure she had a good time tonight, too. It’s cool cuz since I’m at school, we really don’t hang out much. You never realize how much you care about somebody when they’re around you everyday annoying you and stuff like that. But for some reason tonight, she fell asleep on the way home from the show and I was just thinking how just awful I would feel if she wasn’t around, ya know. Crazy… see, that’s the kinda stuff I think about if I just sit around and think – that would explain the times I get depressed right there! But anyways, about the show – Something Corporate played almost every song off their new cd, which I think is a classic. They sounded very good and they put on a good show. I recommend all y’all (haha) go out and buy a Something Corporate cd right now (or at least give them a download!) I promise you’ll like it… but you don’t know me anyways, so what’s a promise from me to you?

   Let’s see what else is going on? Hmm… let’s see. The roommates had a couple people over. Wiz did the century club and then *surprisingly* didn’t feel good this morning. I don’t get the kid… whenever he decides he’s going to drink, he goes out like a rock star. Last weekend he had something like 8-10 shots of vodka in less than 20 minutes… just crazy. I dunno – maybe it’s just me, but when I drink (which isn’t too often), I go ahead and have a couple drinks, but pace myself so I don’t get sick. The reason I drink a little bit is to have fun and socialize (blah blah blah…), but it’s not worth it if you can’t get out of bed until like 4 in the afternoon the next day. Once again, maybe it’s just me. Oh well, I had a lot of fun last night. Sometimes I kinda feel like a bum after I drink cuz I’m disappointed in myself or something, but I dunno… I’m responsible, why should I bother myself so much. I have/will never drink drunk. Not even close to drunk… I’m strongly against that. I don’t mess around with random chicks like seems to be the cool thing to do. I don’t get just trashed and get all pukey sick because I practice “moderation.” About the only thing I do is get hyper and play guitar and jump off of couches and coffee tables and probably annoy the people around me with that. Oh well, it’s not like that’s the worst thing you can do.

   What else is new? School is going… I have to find an internship by Wednesday or I’m gonna go to work at my dad’s school which is like a 40-minute drive which would suck, but oh well, I guess. Let’s see – what else? Hmm… I’m buying a bass guitar in like a month when my tax refund check comes back. That’ll make three guitars – electric, acoustic and now bass. Hopefully my mom doesn’t get too mad. Haha. Cripes, I’m running out of stuff that’s new. Bought a bunch of DVD’s and CD’s lately.

   Oh, I s’pose this would fit in the “new” category. I’m officially not a strictly computer nerd sitaroudnanddonothing bum anymore. Haha. Actually, I haven’t spent a night without hanging out with friends in about two weeks or so. We hang out with a couple girls that go to MSU pretty close to every day of the week. Neither of them is a future girlfriend or anything like that (probably – who can ever say for sure). It’s weird, when I was like in high school, if a girl like even noticed me, I automatically had a crush on her. Now, my attitude is like polar opposite. While, unlike some guys, I think having a girlfriend would be cool and all, I’m not looking really. I don’t really go out of my way to let a girl I know I like her or anything like that anymore. I dunno, I guess I just feel like if it happens, it happens. But I really don’t care if I don’t. This brings me to another point – what’s up with some dudes and the “I don’t really want a girlfriend right now” attitude? I have a couple friends like that. Seriously, they’ll meet a really cool chick that’s totally got a crush on him, but they’ll always say something dumb about wanting to “play the field” or “not wanting to be tied down.” Since when is being a relationship a job? I dunno, I just think some people get burned once and they totally try to avoid it as long as possible. Why try to be some ultra-cool player, though? Oh well – it’s not me, so why should I care?

   Last thing (and this is weird)… I’ve been listening to a lot of “chick punk rock” lately. Like bands that have a chick lead singer… I’ve been listening to the Donnas (love the new song!), the Distillers, Tsunami Bomb, the Eyeliners. They’re all pretty respectable groups – I just don’t understand why 95% of the bands out there are guys. I could make a guess (that guess being guys join bands in some twisted way to try to get chicks… and honestly, girls don’t need to do much anything to get attention from guys – just the way it works) But honestly though, why are there so few good girl bands? I mean, a girl can sit down with a piece of paper and a guitar and write a song just as easily as a guy can… so why is Gwen Stefani like the ONLY rock chick you see on tv (and caller her a rock chick is even questionable nowadays!) Anyways, that should be enough writing for today and the last two weeks I’ve missed. I’ll try to be more consistant, but no promises. Haha… Have a good month of Februario mis amigos!

payce -B-