going on everyone? Not too bad of a day today… I woke up and went to
work. It wasn't too busy, but it wasn't too dead. Just kinda the way I
like it. Anyways, after I got home, me & my sis watched The
Goonies. What a classic flick! My sister just about died when Chunk did
the Truffle Shuffle. Anyways, it's time for the Sopranos as soon as I'm
done with this… that's it, that's the list.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I
    saw today that the founder of PowerBar died at the young age of 51.
    Besides feeling bad for him and his family, I'm really hoping this
    isn't another Jim Fixx-type deal where people say "See, you can be a
    super health nut and still die of a heart attack." As any doctor alive
    if you're better off being healthy or sitting in home watching tv in
    your plastic bubble eating nothing but bratwursts and drinking a
    12-pack of Pepsi a day. He ran like a 2:15 marathon back in his day –
    that's pretty ridiculous!

  • In
    about a month, people will go up in arms because all of the college
    basketball players that were hero's or otherwise for the past season
    decide to go pro. There will probably be an Outside the Lines special
    on how this is ruining the NBA… the fact of the matter is, basketball
    really is no different than any other sport. In baseball, kids go pro
    out of high school ALL the time. In hockey, kids go pro at 16-17. In
    tennis, a 16 or 17 year old is looked at as halfway through his or her
    prime… I think whoever decides to go up in arms over these "kids"
    going pro needs to re-evaluate their stance. Personally, I don't think
    the problem is with college basketball. I think the problem is that
    nobody knows any college baseball or hockey players. Ask 100 people in
    Minnesota and I bet less than 5 can tell you who Thomas Vanek is. And
    honestly, I can't name a single college baseball player. Come to think
    of it, besides the college football players who are in the running for
    the Heisman and players that play for the Gopher's, I can't name many
    college football players, either. The reason that people get so up in
    arms about the NBA draft is because college basketball is the only
    college sport that the average fan knows the important players. Don't
    hold that against the kids…

  • Another
    did you know… did you know that Sloth from the Goonies died in 1989
    of a accidental drug overdose. I just wanted to throw that in there
    because the Goonies was pretty much THE movie of my childhood.

  • More
    proof that my basketball coaches owe me money… we made a bet when I
    was in high school that he wouldn't "make it." Well, then he went on to
    UCONN where he was a stud. After that, it was to Chicago where he
    started a half a season then got cut. Now, he's playing for some team
    in Besitkas (???) and averaging 16 points per while leading the league
    in assists. Oh yeah, he made $500,000 last year! So in basketball
    terms, I'd say he's "made it."

  • Interesting
    facts about my movie collection. My most collected actor – Bob De
    Niro… I own 14 De Niro flicks (15 Minutes, Analyze This, A Bronx
    Tale, Cape Fear, Casino, The Fan, The Godfather II, Goodfellas, Heat,
    Meet the Parents, Raging Bull, The Score, Taxi Driver, The
    Untouchables). You know what they all have in common? After watching
    every single movie, I bet I said "De Niro is THE man." I always wonder
    who the next generation's De Niro will be. Other actors who are in a
    lot of movies I own – Denzel (10), Ben Affleck (9), Samuel L. Jackson
    (9), Bill Murray (9), Matt Damon (8), and Al Pacino (8).

  • Your
    daily DYK – did you know that Jimmy Chitwood is only shown missing 4
    shots (39-43) in the movie Hoosiers? How ridiculous is that? And why
    isn't Jimmy playing in the NBA… surely the Hawks or the Bulls could
    use a player that shoots at a 90% clip? Every player from that movie
    went on to play college ball except the guy that played Jimmy… how is
    that possible? He never missed?!? To be honest, though, he did have a
    pretty sweet looking j.

  • I
    never understand amazon dot com… For all of their dvd's, they have a
    section "customers interested in this film were also interested in
    these films…" Anyways, I was looking up The Great Escape today and
    the movies that they recommended were Paycheck (starring Ben Affleck),
    Around the World in 80 Days (starring Jackie Chan), Mystic River
    (starring Sean Penn), and Torque ("starring" no one, really…)
    Honestly, would you think the average Torque fan is going to like a
    three hour movie made in the 60s about World War II?

Well, that's all I got for tonight. Wait… no it's not! I almost forgot… I've got a couple new reviews for the movies Schindler's List and Air Force One. I also have a new topic up in the Coffee Talk forum… favorite 80s flick.

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,