ImageWhat's up everybody,

about no update yesterday. I actually was quite busy. Slept in til 10
(which isn't sleeping in very much if you go to bed at 5), then when
snowboarding with my family and my shiny NEW Atomic snowboard (sweet!),
boots and bindings! After about 4 years of saying "I should get a
snowboard," I finally took the plunge. Kinda hit me hard in the
pocketbook, but that's what money is for anyways, isn't it.

I had a pretty good New Years. Didn't get sloppy drunk or even regular
drunk, but unlike the popular rumors, you don't need to drink so much
you forget your last name to have a good time. We went to a party which
had at least 50% of the people were from my hometown. Unfortunately,
only about 5% of that 50% were people I actually wanted to see, but
what can ya do? After we got home from the New Years party at like
1:30, we threw in a couple movies. I watched all of Christmas Vacation,
most of Tommyboy and I heard most of Orange County while I was lying in
bed like an insomniac. Last night, Beth and Andrew came over and we
watched Love & Basketball… I forgot how great of flick that was.
I own probably > 10 movies that could be considered a bit of a chick
flick. I'm not going to rush to call this movie a chick flick since it
does pertain to basketball (which I still hold near & dear), but
it's a movie that you can watch with a girl and not have to worry about
her thinking it's a guy movie. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend
checking it out…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • So,
    how many people have written a check and accidently written 2003 on it?
    I haven't written any checks, but I know it will happen regularly until
    about next June.

  • There
    is not a more untrue statement that "the customer is always right." I
    treat the customers very, very well on the phone, but the fact of the
    matter is sometimes the customer is misinformed.

  • I
    think this is kinda funny… every once in a while, I'll get a really
    rude or really computer illerate customer call in with a problem that
    isn't the fault of us. Usually it's they don't know what they are
    doing… for instance, every once in a while you'll get a call from a
    customer who's internet is connected and working, but they just don't
    know how to use the internet. Anyways, I'll get off a frustrating call
    like that and before every call for the rest of the night, I'll just be
    like "Don't be that one guy…"

  • Wet socks – it doesn't get a whole lot worse than that!
  • I
    dunno if there is something more indicitive about where you fit into
    our class system than the garage door opener. The "not yet there" class
    like myself doesn't own a garage door opener. You're average
    middle-class American has one garage door opener. The wealthy own a
    garage door opener with two buttons for the two seperate garage doors.
    Some people have a house and maybe a cabin which is two totally
    seperate garage door openers. The extremely wealthy will have a garage
    door with three or more buttons for their three or more garages. Go
    ahead and find me a poor person who has a garage door opener with three

  • Living
    in the midwest, I hear this all the time when I'm driving at night –
    "Watch out for deer!" That is such a stupid saying… if a deer is in
    the middle of the road, you're probably better off nailing the deer
    than trying to swerve out the way, so if you just zone and listen to
    music while you drive like me, you're probably better off. That's just
    like my uneducated opinion, man.

  • Columbus
    Day… what a stupid holiday. First of all, how did he "discover" a
    land that was already inhabited. Secondly, is it really worth a
    national holiday. Are there not more important in our nation's history
    than Christopher Columbus?

  • I
    dunno when Dick Clark was ever rockin? How can you call a New Years Eve
    with Jason Mraz, Rascal Flats, 3 Doors Down rockin? They may be decent
    groups or individuals, but c'mon? Aren't we throwing around that term
    rockin a little much?

2003 (a year in review)

– Ran a marathon (also ran my first 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon, but
those don't impress quite as much), got a "real job" which I'm loving,
graduated from college, none of my friends or family were really sick
or injured, won the World Series on a 162-game in World Series Baseball
2k3, got an iPod, bought lots and lots of dvds, saw the finale of the
Lord of the Rings movies (best movie I've ever seen in theaters), state
basketball was a blast as usual, the Twins made it to the playoffs and
I got to go see two games, started up my own little website here
(lovin' it so far!), lost about 35 lbs since last February, got a PVR
(like Tivo) so now I can tape all the shows I miss, started to watch
hockey this spring with the Wild and their awesome playoff run, got to
go to korean kamp again which is always great because I get to hang out
with a bunch of friends I don't see very often, finally bought a
snowboard, Kobe Bryant might go to jail (some may say this is bad,
since it involves rape and all that, but I would like nothing more to
see than him get locked up for 10-20… won't happen, but I'd like to
see it!), read a lot of books for the joy of reading rather than for

– Moved back in my parents house, Saw the least amount of concerts this
year of any year since senior year of HS, No trips anywhere… as a
matter of fact, I think the furthest I was away from my hometown this
year was maybe the Cities, the Vikings broke my heart on a last second
loss to Arizona to not make the playoffs, still no significant other…
or even an unsignificant other for that matter (tear! haha), 50 Cent,
didn't get my widescreen tv (yet!), reality tv.

– No more band t-shirts… have to wear "business casual" clothes to
work, turned 22 – there is just nothing to your advantage about turning

this weekend should be a good one. Tonight was the casino for our
company Christmas party. That was a blast! I kinda wished I would've
been able to stay up there, but I had to get home to take care of the
dog and because I'm tired. Brent need sleepy… please go away, let me
sleep – for the love of GOD! Tomorrow, I work at 10. Then I may go
snowboarding again down in Alex… might be too cold for that, though.
Sunday, I'm working again at 10. Should be a pretty easy weekend
overall… hopefully I can catch up on some sleep! Might pick up either
SWAT or American Wedding (more likely both…) this weekend and watch
it. The parents are out of town, so I can watch my movies on the big
screen at 1 in the morning with the surround sound blaring and it's not
a problem. Woo hoo! Coming tomorrow in the column – my 2004 preview. A
day late, I know, but still gonna be quality nonetheless. Oh yeah…
the message boards colors are bit messed up right now. I'm playing
around with CSS, but I haven't gotten to the point where I know what
I'm doing exactly. We'll see if I can get it right this weekend.
Anyways… the snow is gone (like I promised)… hope you enjoyed it
while it lasted.

Best wishes for Two-Double-Oh-Four,