40) Frank Floyd – Age 24 – A castaway from Florida, he’s a constant threat to hit 30-40 homers with a so-so average. His defense position (bad SS, good 2B, 3B, or outfielder) makes him an asset. N/A

39) Brian Darnell – Age 25 – He’s another example of a minor leaguer who does everything average, but nothing well. He’ll be a great AAA player although his career minor league numbers (.339/.425/.636) aren’t indicative about what kind of pro he would be. -1

38) Curt Naulty – Age 21 – In three minor leagues seasons, he’s hit 132 bombs. And he’s like number seven on my first baseman depth chart. -2

37) Cody Bryne – Age 25 – A minor league guy that’s done alright and would probably make the pros on a lesser team, but as I’ve said multiple times here, my bullpen is stacked. N/A

36) Curtis Howell – Age 20 – Spent last year in Rookie ball and Low A. In 125 minor league games, he’s knocked out 51 homers from third base which is kind of nice. N/A

35) Terry Ruth – Age 23 – Average against righties, but a great first base option against lefties. -4

34) Ryan Grieve – Age 19 – Here’s another guy that is solid, but he doesn’t have anything that makes him standout as a pro. I think he’ll be a solid AAAA type player. N/A

33) Danny Riley – Age 20 – This guy would be a top 10 guy easily if his health rating wasn’t somewhere in between that of Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill. He’s been solid in the past two seasons and his arm hasn’t fallen off yet. If he continues to develop, he can be a great guy I can start the season in the majors until he inevitably gets hurt and then I can pull up a rook. N/A

32) Kelly Ardoin – Age 20 – This guy is another beast. He’s a switch hitter who plays first. He’s got .260 average with 50-60 homer potential. And he’s number 32 on my list. This tells you how deep my minors are. N/A

31) Virgil Dempster – Age 20 – One some teams, he’d be a top 10 prospect. He’d be a good pro. I don’t know that he ever makes it too the bigs, though. If he did, I’d imagine he’d hit .280 with 25 bombs and he’d just ravage lefties. N/A

30) Miguel Gutierrez – Age 23 – This guy is stuck at AAA behind Ned Taylor. His contact numbers aren’t good – he strikes out too much and he’s not going to hit for much average in the bigs. In 65 games at AAA this year, though, he’s already rocked out 32 bombs. His 193 minor league homers in 2042 minor league at bats are pretty impressive. -7

29) Paul Bonilla – Age 21 – An injury last season hurt him. He’s in AA this year and he’ll be in AAA next year. Again, if my bullpen wasn’t rock solid, he would be fast-tracked to the bigs.

28) Don Miyakazi – Age 21 – He looks like could develop into a long reliever. Decent, but not solid. He’s got a ways to go, though. N/A

27) Achilles Saunders – Age 21 – He’s got crazy power. If he could play a position other than first, DH, RF, or LF, he’d be a top 20 prospect. -3

26) D’Angelo Limon – Age 21 – He can be a decent fourth or fifth outfielder. He’s faster than crap, he makes contact with everything but he’s got no power and only hits for an good but not great average. Basically, he’s a better version of Jason Tyner. -5

25) Javier Quevedo – Age 23 – He looks to be my number four or five on my future catcher depth chart. He helped me out by starting out the season in the bigs to save a year of service time for Omar Mercedes. He’ll be alright, but nothing super-special. N/A

24) Raymond Daniels – Age 19 – He’s hurt a little by the fact that he’s a DH prospect. He looks like he is going to be the next coming of Edgar Martinez (amazing hitter with below-average power). N/A

23) Ross Lowery – Age 23 – He’s improved considerably this year. If he keeps improving at the same rate, he can be a great injury-replacement in the bullpen. While that doesn’t sound very good, you need to realize that I have THE elite bullpen of the entire major leagues. +3

22) Bosco Parnell – Age 24 – I think I got a steal in trading for Bosco Parnell. He absolutely crushes left-handed pitching, but is god-awful against righties. Facing mostly lefties, he’s his 22 homers in just 246 major league at bats. N/A

21) Vincente Aquino – Age 22 – I think I may be underrating him. He’s got an impressive 2.94 ERA in 140-2/3 minor league innings. His control and splits are major league ready. I just worry about him because he’s got one above average pitch, one average pitch, and three pitches that would make Nick Punto look like Albert Pujols. -8

20) Freddie Brow – Age 24 – He’s currently in AAA after getting injured, but he’s my first guy back in the bigs this year should any of my other pitchers get injured. His minor league numbers are freakish (66-13, 2.55 ERA in 685 innings), but his major league numbers aren’t yet impressive (7-9, 5.30 ERA in 127.1 innings). I think he can develop into a decent starter or long reliever, but he just doesn’t quite have the makings of a star. -1

19) Wilfredo Silva – Age 21 – I think his stock is going to continue to rise. He’s either going to be a solid #4-5 pitcher or a lights out long reliever. He’s in High-A right now, but I completely expect a promotion to AA in the near future with his ML debut in season 9 (I’m currently in season 7). N/A

18) Roy Peters – Age 22 – I think his biggest asset is that he should be able to keep the ball in the park. He’s been amazing this year. 27 appearances, 37-2/3 innings, 6 earned runs, 1.43 ERA. -3

17) Shawn Corey – Age 21 – He’s struggled towards the beginning of his minor league career (first three season ERAs of 4.41, 4.92, and 5.03), but this year he’s come into his own with a 3.71 ERA. He’s a complete control pitcher. I think he could be a successful #4 or 5 starter, but I think he’s going to be a terrific long reliever. +1

16) Jamie Moore – Age 22 – I don’t know that he’s going to be a starter next year, but he’s going to enable me to get rid of two quality backups that are making close to 10 million/year combined. -4

15) Joaquin Park – Age 22 – His durability sucks. I don’t know that he’s ever going to be able to pitch more than 60 innings a year. Those 60 innings are going to be lights out, though. +2

14) Quinton Dougherty – Age 22 – He’s kind of “blocked” at AAA this year by the combination of Gerry Allen, Omar Mercedes, Javier Quevedo, and Sidney Martin. If he can improve against righties a tad bit, he can be an elite major league hitter. -2

13) King Wright – Age 18 – My number one draft pick this past year. His low durability is a concern, but he’s got Maddux-like control, a great 4-seam fastball, and solid splits versus righties and lefties. Hasn’t signed yet, but he could be a major contributer in the bullpen. N/A

12) Matthew Bradshaw – Age 22 – He’s a pretty solid hitter, but just not quite ML ready. He’s having his finest season in the minors this year (thru 56 games – .338/.446/.596 with 15 homers). I think he needs to improve against righties just a tad before he’s ready to be an ML starter. He’d make a good platoon candidate with Victor Perez, though. -3

11) Darrin Lee – Age 23 – He’s not a power guy, but his career minor league numbers (.326/.400/.510) are nice. I can see him being a solid 2nd baseman, centerfielder, or emergency shortstop. Should be in the bigs next year. -1

10) Sidney Martin – Age 22 – This guy competely lacks durability, so I can only play him about 1 out of every 3 games. How is this for career major league numbers thus far. 372 at bats. 28 homers. .306/.367/.581. Where he really helps me is in the playoffs where I can play him every day. I’ve played him in the bigs over my last two post-seasons. Results? 19 games, .343/.380/.776 with 9 homers and 18 RBIs and 15 runs. +1

9) Mike Henderson – Age 21 – That I drafted this guy in the fifth round is almost highway robbery. He’s going to strikout a bit and his average will probably hover around .260, but this guy might hit 60 homers every single year. N/A

8) Jeff Nixon – Age 22 – He also made his ML debut today. I wish his control was a tad better, but he should be fine. Right now, I’ve got him penciled in as a long reliever, but I could see him developing into a #3 or #4 starter. -3

7) Leonardo Stockton – Age 22 – He’s up in the majors this year. He’s gotten into 25 games and given up a run in 9 of those games. I wish that numbers was down just a bit. If he continues to develop (no reason why he won’t), he’ll be another elite reliever. -1

6) Herman Cox – Age 23 – I almost forget that Cox is as young as he is. Last season was a real solid season for Cox (16-8, 3.75 ERA in 197 innings). This season has been a little rockier (5-5, 4.99) but I think he’ll wind up settling somewhere in the middle. I am a little worried that his develop has seemed to halted a little this year. +1

5) Bill Caufield – Age 22 – I think this year he’s taken the step as my top starting pitching prospect. At the nice age of 22, his career minor league numbers (37-8 with a 3.48 ERA in 468.1 minor league innings) are solid but not unbelievable. I think he can develop into a solid 4.00 ERA, 180-inning starter who won’t dominate, will be somewhat soft against lefties, but overall be better than average. He’s on the big league team for the first time this year.+3

4) Omar Mercedes – Age 21 He’ll be coming up later this year or right away next year. He’s an acceptable catcher, but his real power is his bat. His career minor league numbers .332/.411/.631 with 76 homers in 1028 at bats are simply amazing. -1

3) Sun-Woo Abe – Age 22 – At just 22, he’s already my ML closer. He really developed quite quickly and I think he’s going to be a star reliever for the next 10 years. +12

2) Vic Blanco – Age 24 – He’s been my number one prospect for a long time… His average isn’t what I’d expected to be (career .257 hitter), but his 144 major league homers in three and a half seasons (with 21 through 57 games this year) make him possibly the top power hitter in the majors. As a second baseman, no less.No Change

1) Gerry Allen – Age 20 – He’s already in the majors in just his third professional season. He’s hitting .294 with 12 homers in 29 major league games. This guy has a chance to be an all-time great. No Change

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