everybody! I had a great weekend of state basketball. While it's always
a great weekend, it's just nice to have a weekend with the boys. I'm
not gonna go into absolute details about the weekend, but it was
great. I thought the Dahlman brothers from Braham are going to be
pretty unbelievable when it's all said and done. I also was impressed
with Spencer Tollackson who's going to the Goph's next year. He had
deceptive quickness and I was very impressed with his passing ability.
All in all, a good weekend…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • This
    kinda has me bummed right now… There are a bunch of movies in
    theaters that I want to see right now (Jersey Girl, Ladykillers,
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Passion of the Christ) that I
    just haven't gotten a chance to see yet. Anyways, I look at what movies
    are playing in the closest theater in DL (about 20 minutes away). Dawn
    of the Dead, Starsky & Hutch, Hidalgo, Secret Window, Agent Cody
    Banks 2, 50 First Dates… thanks for playing! It could be worse…
    they could have Scooby Doo 2 playing.

  • I
    hate how some people will use the "-re" suffix instead of the "-er"
    suffix. I'm sorry, but I get the word theater. I just don't understand
    theatre. Seems unnecessary.

  • I
    also hate watching NCAA tournament basketball and hearing someone say
    "That's the biggest (shot/rebound/pass/whatever) he's made all season."
    Really, cuz I was thinking that shot he made against Holy Cross in the
    first half of a preseason NIT game was pretty impressive. Come to think
    of it, that pass he had a heckuva pass against Drexel. C'mon! It's
    pretty obvious that if it's the closing seconds of a tie ball game in
    the Elite 8, it *probably* could go without saying that it might be an
    important shot.

  • I
    want to hear one announcer say the truth about Chris Duhon. Instead of
    saying "oh what a warrior" or "he's the heart and soul of the team,"
    I'd like to hear one announcer say "Ya know, I really thought he'd be a
    lot better player than he is right now." It's pretty well known that
    I'm a Duke hater, but in my opinion, Daniel Ewing is the best player on
    that team.

  • I
    hate watching tivo and hitting the fast forward button only to realize
    I'm watching live tv. I'll pause the game – go to the bathroom, grab a
    Gatorade, whatever – just so that I can come down and fast forward
    through the commercials.

  • Mike
    Hall won the ol' Dream Job tonight. I'm pretty happy about that. Last
    week, I said I'd be cool with either Zach or Mike. I actually kinda
    hope Zach gets on as well… I thought he deserved to be #2 over Aaron,
    but what can ya do?
  • I
    don't remember the last time that I ordered an ice cream cone that
    wasn't a twist cone. Vanilla cones are too… well, vanilla. Chocolate
    cones are too chocolatey. No matter what, I will never order a regular
    cone over a waffle cone. Waffle cones – honestly, that's where it's at!

  • One
    thing I hated about the state basketball tournament was the lack of
    replays. They would show the beginning of the replay (like was shown on
    tv), but then they'd cut out. The reasoning, I'm sure, is that they
    didn't want a bad "reaction" from the fans or whatever. It ticks me
    off… they do it at NBA games, they do it at Twins games, and if I
    remember correctly, they do it at Viking games, too. If you pay 10…
    25… even 50 bucks to go watch a game, the least you deserve is a
    chance to see a replay. Sometimes you miss the play. Other times,
    you're just wondering if that really was a foul?

  • I
    was listening to the Georgia Tech/Kansas game on the radio on the way
    home tonight… reminded me that listening to basketball on the radio
    sucks. Football isn't bad on the radio. Actually, if you listen to the
    radio and turn the tv volume down, it's pretty sweet. Baseball might be
    the only sport, though, that listening on the radio is actually
    productive. I remember listening to every single Twins game on the
    radio as I went to bed as a youngster. That was before the days that
    they decided that Denny Hocking, Rich Becker, and David McCarty were
    the "future" of the team.

sounding to somber, I'd like to pay respects to my friend Matt. He was
killed on Friday last week while driving in some fog. While I don't
know the details, I do know that it is a terrible tragedy. Anytime
something like this happens, I'm kinda at a loss for words. Matt and
myself were never best friends, but it was more because we hung with
different crowds. He was a good kid and whenever I saw him, it was
always a good time. He brightened up the room and I'll miss never
seeing him again. Just as a sidenote, he was the inventor of the
nickname "B" which I use almost daily. While I know that "this" doesn't
fit in with my semi-comedic tone of the rest of the column, I didn't
know how to do this. It just always sucks when you lose someone…

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,