going on everybody? I'm just hanging out here down in the
basement. Have the morning off again before I go into work at 1:30.
It's weird essentially working two different jobs and having two
different shifts and all that, but it's still all gravy getting in my
40 hours a week! Still feels weird to be "full-time employed," but I'll
do my best to contain myself. I've been playing around with the new
palm pilot last night. I'm hoping that will help me get really
organized. I'd just like to get to the point where I just put
everything in there and I don't have to always be wondering when and
where I'm supposed to be at all times.
Anyways, who like me was
going crazy at the end of the Timberwolves game? Oh my gosh – that was
all to close yet sweet at the same time. I knew we weren't going to
blow them out and actually when we were up 79-70, I told everyone I was
watching that the Kings still had a run left in them. KG and the rest
of the Wolves deserve it, though. Big thanks to Anthony Peeler –
helping teams lose playoff series after playoff series since 1998! No
time to celebrate – now it's all about focusing and getting ready to
destroy my least favorite team in the history of organized sports. Who
thought it would be a good idea to put Karl Malone AND Kobe Bryant on
one team? Seriously, all they need to do is resign Rick Fox & Kobe
and pick up Antoine Walker, Kenyon Martin, and Steve Nash in the
offseason and they'd be the most hatable team that could possibly be
assembled. I take that back – if they were coached by Stephen A. Smith,
then and only then would they be the most hatable team possible.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I'm
    loving my Sonic game, but it stinks that there aren't any save spots. I
    don't wanna leave the Gamecube on, so I'm gonna have to wait until a
    Saturday or something to give it a go at actually beating the game.
    Gotta get Dr. Robotnik, baby!

  • I
    came home for lunch today only to notice that the cleaning lady was
    here. Anyways, I was going out of my way making sure that I didn't drop
    any crumbs on the table and made sure I clean up anything. I was
    thinking to myself – 'Hmm… if I was this careful everyday, maybe my
    mom wouldn't need a cleaning lady?" Oh well, I could honestly care less
    if the house is clean.

  • What's
    the name of the asian girl on the Real World? Seriously, I've never
    seen her involved in any of the storylines. She didn't get kicked out
    did she? Ah well – from what I've seen, she seems pretty good looking
    and she seems really nice, so if she needs a date, someone should give
    her my card or something. I'm game…

  • I
    was bored last night and I was watching Celebrity Poker. Scott Stapp
    (lead singer of that crappy group Creed) was hilarious. He seriously
    has no clue how to play poker! Every single time he lost, he was like
    "Wait a minute…" and they had to explain to him why he lost. The
    funniest one was a hand where he had like queens and eights and someone
    else had kings and twos or something and he couldn't figure out why he
    lost. Watching celebrities (used rather loosely here) play poker is
    funny because they are like me and you – they think they are good
    enough to play on the world series of poker, but they're just clueless!

  • This
    just in – David Dellucci of the Texas Rangers is the man of the hour.
    Why you ask? Anna Kournakova is throwing out the first pitch. As she
    goes off the field, he decides to go where no man has gone before and
    give Anna Kournakova a kiss on the cheek. How much do you want to bet
    that will be the career highlight for a guy that batted .176 last
    season? Just as a sidenote, if she would've thrown out the first pitch
    in Texas, she would've been the best pitcher to throw off that mound
    wearing a Texas jersey all season!

  • Congrats
    to the Big Unit on tossing a perfect game the other day. First of all,
    "Unit" is a great nickname. When his career is over, I'm not going to
    remember him for the hundreds of wins, the thousands of strikeouts, or
    any of his no-hitters or perfect games. Nope, I'm going to remember
    early 90's Randy Johnson for having… the perfect mullet! Seriously,
    you can't find me a better celebrity mullet in the history of ever!

  • I read
    a headline yesterday that said "U.S. Soldier Receives Maximum Sentence
    For Role In Iraqi Prisoner-Abuse Scandal." Honestly, how can they
    already receive judgement on that – didn't it happen like a week
    ago? Anyways, I'm guessing it might be 5 years before R. Kelly, Kobe
    Bryant, and Michael Jackson are probably going to finally going to
  • Word
    on the street is that NBC, the network that brought you the brilliance
    that was the XFL,  is picking up the NHL next year. Ya gotta love NBC's
    plan over the last couple years. Besides picking up the Apprentice
    (which will start to feel more and more tired every "season" that it's
    on), NBC has lost Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, the NBA, and the NFL. But
    if you do want to watch 13 different Law & Order's, people eating
    gross stuff on Fear Factor, or some no name quarterback lighting up
    defenses in the Arena Football league, NBC is the place for you! Who
    wants to bet this doesn't matter because the NHL is gonna be locked out
    next season.
  • Did
    you know in California, there is a school that actually is called
    Cappucino High School? Seriously, only in California. Doesn't that
    sound like a bad high school name from a teenie television show or
    something?NBC picking up NHL next year – doesn't matter… not going to play anyways

  • Matty
    LeCroy! I've never really liked the guy as an everyday player because I
    used to be a David Ortiz fan and now I'm a Justin Morneau fan, but I
    was pumped yesterday. Grand slam to go up by one in the 9th – I
    honestly can't remember the last time the Twinkies did that!

  • A
    couple of months ago, I talked about how I want to be on MTV's Made.
    MTV has a lot of so-so shows, but I usually like watching Made. In case
    you've never seen the show, basically some kid decides he/she wants to
    do something totally out of the ordinary. MTV hooks them up with a
    coach and a film crew follows them around. For example, yesterday I
    watched an episode about a popular girl who seemed straight out of the
    movie Clueless wanted to become a skater. I've also seen kids who
    wanted to do a triathalon, win a battle of the bands, ect.
    Anyways, instead of being on the show itself, I think I should be a
    Made coach. "On the next episode of Made, I wanna be a marathon
    runner." Seriously, I could do it! Plus, I bet MTV pays beaucoup bucks!
  • Someone
    somewhere hates me. Today on my favorite show, Pardon the Interuption,
    Karl Malone AND Stephen A Smith were on. Are you kidding me? Take my
    least favorite pro favorite athlete of all time and my least favorite
    journalist of all time and let them poison my favorite show. Oh well,
    at least the reason Tony K was gone was because, as I mentioned
    yesterday, his show Listen Up got picked up by CBS for next year.

  • On
    PTI, they talked a little bit about the anniversary of Patrick Ewing
    coming into the league. I kid you not… they showed a clip of him
    picking up his dribble outside the three point line and going in for a
    dunk. Honestly, he revolutionized the travel and I thank him. Without
    that "rule", KG wouldn't be half the player he is today. Seriously, he
    travels (by the rulebook definition) three out of every four times he
    touches the ball.

If you haven't already, check out the forums. This week's featured topic asks why is America the fattest country? How much you wanna bet Michael Moore isn't gonna touch that with one of his in your face documentaries? Before
I go, I've gotta make fun of the Kings a little more, so let me know
which idea sounds the best. I'm off like Predrag Stojakovic's three
point shot last night. I'm gone like Mike Bibby in the clutch. I'm done
for like Vlade Divac's career. I'm leaving like a girl when she sees
Brad Miller's facial hair. I'm leaving like Chris Webber's shot at an
NBA title.

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,