before the Timberwolves ever become competitive, I've hated the Lakers.
Shaq is probably one of the most hated players in the league, but I
honestly don't mind him all that much. I can't stand Kobe or Karl
Malone, but sometimes it's the role players that tick me off the most.
Derek Fisher shoots 35% then comes out and goes 5/7 in the first half
and acts like he's all the sudden MVP. Devean George may be a Minnesota
boy, but take him off the Lakers and put him on the Hawks and he's Alan
Henderson. Same can be said for Rick Fox, Kareem Rush, and Stanislav
I really despise the fact that the Lakers stink all
year and then play good in the playoffs. In my opinion, that
"attitude" is the cancer that is going to kill the NBA. Gone are the
days when teams play hard day in and day out. Shaq is the biggest
offender. He's such an average player during the regular season (see
all his MVP awards he's collected during the season), yet in the
playoffs he's unstoppable. I've said it before and I'll say it again –
I love basketball unlike any other sport, but I hate the NBA. When I'm
coaching my 7th graders, I can totally see the influence of the NBA on
my players. It's terrible and it needs to stop.
and most importantly, I cannot stand the reffing. Seriously, I
understand that in the NBA, stars get the fouls called, and unknown
players don't. This is wrong on so many levels. If you are going to
have a rulebook, enforce the freaking rules! What's a foul when Kobe is
on offense isn't necessarily a foul when Fred Hoiberg is on
offense. The Lakers have 4 "stars" plus a star coach and we've got 2
stars without Cassell. It's so upsetting to watch. I know I am a
Timberwolves fan, but people that could care less can watch this series
and say it's just terrible. The NBA refs are more worried about being
called out in the media than actually doing a good job reffing. Anyone
who says there is an East Coast bias has never watched the Lakers play.
The one thing that pissed me off more than anything else was Jack
Nicholson. He's like 60-some years old right now, but he has no right
to stand up and yell at the refs to "call the [bleep]ing
foul!" Seriously, if I'm a ref and any fan stands up and says that, I
don't care if it's forth grade basketball or the NBA – you've got to
kick him out.
Maybe I'm just frustrated, but I was at one time the
biggest fan the NBA ever had and this crap is just making me
disinterested. The whole game I didn't feel like we were outplayed
instead the Lakers were handed the game and this series on a silver
platter. David Stern thinks that they make more money if the Lakers
make the Finals, but I think that a lot of people like myself care less
and less every single year because the Lakers always get all the
calls. Remember the Kings game (I think it was the conference finals –
game 6) a couple years ago. Every time that I see bad reffing,
the Lakers are on the good end of the stick.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Sounds
    like I'm going to be buying some General Mills cereal in the upcoming
    months. Instead of the traditional toy, boxes of cereal are going to be
    coming with like two tv episodes of some of my favorite cartoons
    growing up – Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy, Sabrina: The Animated
    Series, Super Mario Brothers and Heathcliff. Dr. Atkins would be
    rolling over in his grave when he sees how many "net carbs" I consume
    and still drop a few pounds this summer (although hopefully not too

  • You
    know it's a good day when you get a new laptop computer from work (Dell
    D800 with a 15.5 inch widescreen display, wireless internet, and a dvd
    burner among many other things). I also got a nice new bag so I can
    bike in to work this summer. Of course, it's going to be difficult to
    bike to work because some punk kids stole my bike from my garage in my
    apartment last year. Anyways, I also got my movies and cd from I was going to start The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
    last night because I've never seen it, but I realized it was 3 hours
    long and I didn't feel like staying up til 2 in the morning. How unlike
    me does that sound? Anyways, I also got Miracle and the HBO documentary
    Do You Believe in Miracles. I've seen them both, so I'll watch 'em
    again whenever I get around to it. Can you believe I've had my new
    surround sound system for almost a week not and I still haven't had
    time to watch a movie? Terrible! Lastly, I got my RJD2 cd which is
    great, but still needs to grow on me a bit more. Through all this
    online shopping, I've figured that I'm not cut out for it. Sure, you
    say a buck or two, but I need that instant gratification of getting
    what I buy on impulse right away. Plus, when it doesn't show up for
    about a week, I imagine the worst case scenario like it's lost in the
    mail and I can't get a refund or something terrible like that.

  • What
    a terrible year to win the NBA lottery… sure, Emeka Okafor (which
    I've been spelling with a "o" instead of an "u" forever) is probably
    going to be a decent player, but do you really think he's "the next big
    thing?" I'd be willing to bet you the best player to come out of this
    draft is some high schooler who will go about #20 or so, that you or I
    have never even heard about. It makes watching the NBA draft quite
    boring. I'll still watch, but I'll just be sitting there hoping that
    Kris Humphries falls to the second round so he doesn't get a guaranteed
    contract. Of course this has to be the year of an expansion team
    (stupid Bobcats!), so there is one more chance for him not to fall out
    of the first round.

  • Congrats
    to some Perham tracksters who are on the final state honor roll. David
    Krueger in the 400 (50.38) and the 800 (1:55.28). Perham relays – 4×400
    (3:25.76 good for third fastest in the state) and 4×800 which wasn't
    reported in the Star Tribune, but was still the fastest in the state

  • I've
    put a lot of thought to this when browsing the shelves at Best Buy – ya
    know what's scary? Almost every single movie is someone's favorite
    movie. Seriously, someone out there has said the words "Gigli, oh I
    love J-Lo in that flick!" Rocky V is someone's favorite Rocky movie.
    Someone thinks the new Planet of the Apes is way better than the old
    Planet of the Apes. Someone out there thinks that Episode One is the
    best Star Wars! All I can say is, you should hope that you aren't one
    day in the same room as this person when they make the decision on what
    movie "we should throw in."

  • I
    can't even make this up. For years, some dude named Larry Harmon
    claimed to create the Bozo the Clown character. He also said he was the
    first person to play Bozo. Recently, it's been discovered that another
    guy, Alan Livingston, created Bozo and Pinto Colvig was the first
    person to play Bozo. On Friday, Harmon's "Lifetime of Laughter" award
    was taken off the wall at the International Clown Hall of Fame in
    Milwaukee and a new plaque was hung on the wall to acknowledge
    Livingston and Colvig. This makes me wonder – what would you think of
    yourself if your claim to fame was a lifetime of laughter award and
    they took it away? Wouldn't that kinda mean that you used to be
    pathetic, but now you are even a step down from being pathetic?

  • Remember
    the Grand Prize game? What a stupid question… who doesn't remember
    the Grand Prize game?!? Anyways, that was such a joke. Only the
    coordinated kids were good at it. I saw a little girl on there who, I
    kid you not, missed the first bucket. She tried to drop the ping pong
    ball right in the bucket but she kinda nicked the rim and it flung out.
    How ticked off would you be if you were that person "playing along at
    home" and some dumb little girl couldn't even hit the first bucket?

  • You
    know Soleil Moon Frye (aka Punky Brewster), right? Does it ever bother
    you that she has turned into a real babe, yet it's done nothing for her
    career. Seriously, about her biggest claim to fame is being married to
    the guy who produces Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher. That's it?!? You gotta
    do better than that! You were Punky Brewster aka one of the first girls
    I ever had a crush on. I actually think I had a crush on the cartoon
    version of Punky a little more, but still…

  • This
    blows my mind. From last weekend's Ebert & Roper tv show. They were
    talking about how the last Lord of the Rings comes out on dvd this
    week. Roper was talking about how some people are waiting for the
    version that will come out in November with an extra half hour of movie
    and literally ten hours of extras. Roger Ebert then said "Maybe they
    should get a life." No way was I just called out by Roger Ebert! I
    mean, think about it… who needs a life more than those uppity movie
    critics? Sometimes I think this guy doesn't have a pulse! I read his
    review of Tommy Boy, which I think is a classic mid-90's comedy. Direct
    quotes from his review – "No one is funny in Tommy Boy. There are no
    memorable lines." Are you kidding me? I've honestly never met a person
    who hates it. It's not a "great movie" in the sense that it should've
    won an Academy Award or anything, but I still think it's a classic. Bah
    – Ebert's an idiot who's claim to fame will someday be a "Lifetime
    Loser" award at the bad movie critics Hall of Fame. Not to make fun of
    him anymore or anything, but did you know Roger Ebert isn't his real
    name… nope, his real name makes him sound like even more of a winner
    – Reinhold Timme.

  • Okay,
    since I like making fun of Timme! (Insert your own South Park sound
    bytes here), I'm going to keep going. Did you know he went to the draft
    for Vietnam. Yup, he almost got in but he was told he was overweight
    and was rejected?

  • By
    the way, doesn't "Siskel & Ebert" role off the tongue alot better
    than "Ebert & Roper?" I was reading a little about Gene Siskel
    because I couldn't remember how he died (complications from brain
    surgery). Anyways, it says the last five movies he reviewed before his
    death was Message in a Bottle, My Favorite Martian, Bacheha-Ye aseman,
    Blast from the Past, and God Said, 'Ha!' and he gave all five of them a
    thumbs down. Doesn't that seem ironic… a guy that's been watching
    movies for a living all his life has to watch five movies he hates
    right before he goes? That'd be like me having to watch the Jazz vs.

    the Lakers followed by Duke vs. Wisconsin followed by the D-Rays vs.
    the Yankees, followed by the Los Angeles Sparks vs. the Charlotte Sting
    followed by any Nascar race with Kid Rock singing the National Anthem
    and Paris Hilton driving in the pace car all right before I died.

I'm running a 20-miler (good God!) this morning at 6 AM this morning.
In case you don't know, I usually do these updates late at night.
Anyways, sorry about no update yesterday, but I was just crazy
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