what you say is true… the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be
dangerous? Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? Haha… about
four people are gonna remember that! Anyways, what's going on
everybody? Today I was off of work so I was a complete and total waste
as I usual am on my day off. My only goal was to beat Bond… well, I
got to the last level and just got frustrated. I didn't get around to
watching any movies either, but I still may throw one in tonight.
Watched a lot of Friends though and also watched a lot of tv, too.
You'll probably be able to tell cuz my random thoughts are almost
nothing but tv-related.
I've been in a pretty good mood lately. I
dunno… I think it's just cuz I'm pretty content with everything
that's going on. There are a few things I wish would be different –
still wished I could get more hours at work, still wished there were
some girls that lived around these parts, and I wished I something
better to do with my free time (well, only sorta), but I'm happy as can
be right now. While I'm at it, I wished it was a little warmer out…
I'm getting sick of having to do my daily runs on a treadmill. It's
always a tough choice whether to freeze and run outside or run on a
treadmill and be bored for 45 minutes.
Here's another debate: what to do this weekend in a city with not much
to do. At least I know my friends Aaron and Cory are gonna be around…
I'm sure we'll find something cool to do because whenever the three of
us are hanging out, it's almost without a doubt that we'll have a good
time. Of course, you'll be the first (or fourth) to know…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Man
    how bad are movie soundtracks? I used to love buying them because every
    song on the cd was by a different artist that I liked. Then I figured
    out the only reason they're on the soundtrack is because they put their
    worst songs on soundtracks. It's usually like one good song and a bunch
    of crap.

  • I
    saw a commercial today for some new whitening toothpaste. At the end of
    the commercial, they made the claim that you could get three shades
    whiter with just one tube. I wasn't watching it the first time I saw it
    though and I thought they said three shaders whiter for just one tooth
    which I thought was kinda pointless since I'm the only person I know
    who has just one tooth that is too dark.

  • Do you find it funny that most of the people that say "I'm not going back to prison" are the ones that always end up back there?
  • Since
    they've been married over a year now, are Nick Lachey and Jessica
    Simpson honestly considered Newlyweds still? I think it should be
    called "Nick & Jessica: The Beginning of the Downward Spiral into
    Complete Anonymity."

  • I
    was watching the last episode of Seinfeld on TBS today. I've always
    heard they cut shows a little shorter for syndication, but they cut
    Bubble Boy out of the episode! Honestly… how can you cut Bubble Boy?

  • You
    ever wonder if the guy that plays the back of George Steinbrenner's
    head on Seinfeld was proud when he got the job? I can picture the
    conversation when he called his parents – "Hey mom and dad! I finally
    got a job… well, no it's not a starring part. Lines? Well, not at
    first but maybe sometime…"

  • It
    always kills me that the lady who's marble rye Jerry stole turned out
    to be Happy Gilmore's grandma. She just seemed so nice in the movie…
    who would have ever thought she'd end up testifying against Jerry?

  • It's
    funny how you can watch a show or movie and know how it ends, but still
    be like all caught up in the drama. It happens to me all the time… I
    mean, I'm watching Usual Suspects and everytime I'm like "Ohhh… who
    IS Kaiser Soze anyways?"

  • I
    saw the funniest commercial ever today. Some old white guy announcer
    was trying to sell me a cd called Thug Nation. The bonus was a free
    "Holla 4 Thug Nation" bumper sticker. I think about the only people
    would buy this cd are the same people that still listen to Master P and
    wear FUBU.

  • How
    many movies are there that start with "Once Upon a Time in…" Let's
    see, there's Mexico, America, the West, the East, Shanghai, Vietnam,
    about 14 China's, Beirut, New York, Sicily, Sweden, Paris, a Village,
    This Morning, … You know what they all have in common? I haven't seen
    a single one.

  • This
    is a good indication of how bored I am today. While I'm in my sisters
    bathroom, I'm reading one of her old issues of Cosmo Girl. Someday I'm
    gonna get some SI or ESPN the Mag up in that bathroom, but for now,
    it's all I got. Anyways, I read the first article about Josh Hartnett
    which refers to him as an A-List celebrity. Am I missing something?
    He's been in one movie that sucked (Pearl Harbor), one movie that was
    pretty good (Black Hawk Down), and just a bunch of movies that are
    pretty average (40 Days 40 Nights, Hollywood Homicide, the Faculty, O,
    Halloween H20). A-List celebrity? Who's kidding who here?

  • Have
    you ever looked at a concert ticket and it says "No moshing or crowd
    surfing." Yep, that's probably really gonna be enforced. If there are
    more than 25 people at a show, it doesn't matter what genre it is…
    someone is going to be moshing. I can't mosh anymore cuz of the ticker
    problem, but it's alright. I've kinda outgrown that stage of my life
    anyways… I really hate crowd surfers though. Nothing like getting
    kicked in the head by some moron while you're already struggling just
    to stand up.

  • I
    always think it's funny when you go to a concert of a popular band. If
    the band is on MTV, a lot of younger kids tend to go to the shows,
    which is funny because they get excited when the lights go off for the
    opening band that nobody has ever heard of. I also think it's funny
    when like little teenage girls try to get up front. Anyone that has
    been to a concert before starts placing bets with an over/under of 5
    minutes… I'm always taking the under.

  • I
    always find it weird when actors play characters with the same first
    name as their actual name. Will Smith playing Will on the Fresh Prince.
    Tim Allen playing Tim on Home Improvement. Martin Lawrence playing
    Martin Payne on (take a guess?) Martin. Roseanne Bahr/Arnold (whatever)
    playing Roseanne – I always hated that show, though. Ray Romano playing
    Raymond Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. Isn't that a bit too much of
    for a show name? I, for one, don't mind the show but I'm a long way
    from loving Raymond. I mean, he's a comedian who's funny, but not
    *that* funny on a show that's good, but not *that* good.

  • Isn't
    also funny how you would instantly recognize some former tv stars yet
    you couldn't think of their name to save your life. "Hey, it's Al from
    Home Improvement… oh, what's his real name?" It works the same for a
    ton of other characters – Steve Urkle & Carl Winslow, Kimmy Gibler
    & Aunt Becky, Blossom & Six, Doogie Howser, Winnie Cooper…

  • That
    reminds me, I used to have a crush on Winnie Cooper as a young lad.
    Besides Kelly Kapowski, I think Winnie Cooper would make the most
    perfect girlfriend if my life were a movie or something…

  • I
    watched the last episode of the Wonder Years the other day. Did you
    know that Kevin and Winnie don't end up together? How terrible is that?
    Kevin spends his entire being chasing Winnie and she moves off to
    Paris? I'm not always for happy endings, but in certain case (read:
    most sitcoms!) you gotta come through with a good ending… you get to
    see Winnie head off to Paris and then you find out they both eventually
    got married to different people. An ending that bad should be criminal!

  • Didn't Kevin's older brother have possibly THE worst mullet of all time?
  • When
    you go through all the programs on your computer, isn't the Real Player
    your least favorite? I mean, you gotta have it because once every three
    months you find a .ra or .ram clip that won't play with anything else.
    Dear people at Real, thanks for popping up an ad everytime I decide to
    close your program… I really appreciate that!

  • Did
    you ever find it funny that it's called the Cosby Show, yet the name of
    the family is actually Huxtable? Also, this was pointed out by my youth
    director Erin – how many people actually think Bill Cosby and Phylicia
    Rashad are married in real life?

  • Remember
    the show Doug? I always thought Doug Funny could do better than Patty
    Mayonnaise. He was such a nice kid… it killed me to watch him week in
    a week out getting the run around.

  • When
    you think about the greatest theme music to a tv show at all time, does
    the conversation not start and stop with Happy Days?

  • Cartoons
    I promise I'll buy the day they come out on DVD: He-Man, Thundercats,
    M.A.S.K., Voltron, The Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja

  • Don't
    you hate the guy who gets on tv at college basketball games and decides
    to let the world know that "he's number 1." How unoriginal is holding
    up the index finger and yelling into the camera. I think it's #2 only
    to yelling after a bad shout out on TRL.
  • Have
    you ever noticed when it comes to foods, there has to be at least one
    study saying that a certain food will kill you and another study saying
    that same food will save your life. It's confusing because when I'm
    eating a meal, I can't decide if I'm killing myself or if I'm helping
    myself live to 100.
  • I
    was watching the twin special on MTV tonight… if I had a twin, I'd
    always "accidently" run into them in a store and pretend I'd never seen
    him before… kinda like the very first episode of Sister, Sister. That
    act would never get old!

Added a link for www.menwholooklikekennyrogers.com.
This site is hilarious because you never think about it, but there are
thousands of people that look like Kenny Rogers. I'd be willing you
have at least one that goes to your church.
you should check out some new music sometime. Here's what I'm listening
to and liking as of late (since I haven't done a weekly mixtape in a
while): the new Incubus cd, Is It Me by Midtown, Modern ARTillery by
the Living End (which is on iTunes now – doesn't come out in the States
on cd til March), Rapid Hope Loss by Dashboard Confessional, still
listening to Kanye West (February 10th – go out and buy this!), the new
Swollen Members (I don't even hold being Canadian against these guys),
Orbital, and that cheesy 70's rock sounding song by the Darkness… I'm
liking it!
I don't
do this very often, but since the prez did it this week, I'm gonna bust
out the state of website address. But really, it's just here for my own
purpose, so it's not really an address. Anyways, I'm really happy with
the way things are going right now. I've gotten more hits over the last
week than at any point in the the short history of this website. A
couple people are starting to post on a regular basis which is making
the forums really worth checking out. You'd probably wouldn't guess it,
but I've spent hours and hours trying to make the forums run smoothly
and be pretty cool. So if you're reading this and you haven't signed
up, hop on over there and sign up! And if you are signed up, start
posting away… I'm always checking up on it. Basically, the fact that
people are starting to read my rants and raves is making me extremely
proud because I think I'm doing a good job with this page. As with any
webpage, there are things which I need to do better/update more/update
less, but I'm happy…
Enough of that now… there's a new forum up dedicated to MN Sports.
I got rid of one of the comment forums since I kinda did really have
two. Anyways, I know a lot of ya that are reading this are huge sports
fans like myself, so the next time the Vikes mess up a draft pick, the
T-Wolves play like crap versus some team like the Heat, the Twins pass
on another free agent, the Wild decide not to sign a player until
halfway through the season or the Gophers lose to Canisus or
Binghamton. The one rule – no talk about the Lynx… Actually, you can
talk about them, but expect to get an online beatdown from yours
truly (not really, but…) Also, if you so choose, check out the Coffee Talk forum this week's topic: what are your favorite songs and movies of 2003. Also, there are a couple a new posts are up in Top 10 Lists Forum including the your least favorite athletes… do me a favor and vote Barry Bonds! Like I said yesterday, the email is now at the bottom of the info page… do check that out! Also, as promised, I have my reviews of Donnie DarkoRun Lola Run up in the reviews section.