My first class got cancelled today. How much does that NOT suck! hehe… Anyways, today is my last day of school for the week. Thank God for pilgrims!!! Anyways, can’t say too much interesting is gone on with this fella. Last night, we picked up my friend Andrew from the airport. He goes to school at the Air Force academy. It was pretty fun cuz I only get to see him Thanksgiving, Christmas and then for like a month in the summer. It’s weird cuz I’ve seen him a lot more than some of my friends who just went to college elsewhere. I have one buddy though… he went into the Marines and he’s been back exactly twice since high school. He’s been married for almost six months and nobody has even met his wife! Geez… anyways, I don’t think he’ll be back until maybe Christmas, which is gonna suck cuz I’m going to Texas. Last year he came back over Christmas and I went to Florida. Doesn’t it just suck going places it is warm over Christmas… nope, not at all!

   So, I’m gonna do not a whole lot on break. My parents will complain at me for sleeping in every day. My sister will want to hang out a bit… I’ll probably take her to a movie or something. Maybe the Adam Sandler cartoon… that looks funny. Hmmm… I’m not motivated to write anything today.

   I dunno… I guess I could talk about how weird it is hanging out with some of my high school friends. I mean, I have friends that pretty much don’t care about me anymore… I have friends that care entirely too much about “not losing touch”… I have friends who I’ve just forgotten about and vice versa. I dunno, in a way, it’s really cool seeing all the old friends. But at the same time, it’s akward cuz everyone seems to try to get back into the old cliches. And EVERYONE tries to act all important… it doesn’t matter if they’re going to school to be a lawyer or if they dropped out of school freshman year and work at McDonald’s. I dunno… I’m so laid back about that sorta thing. It’s dumb though… I mean, these are the people that know like every dumb thing about your childhood. Why are you trying to impress anyone? Doesn’t make sense… Oh well, we’ll see. I hope it all goes well. Sorry this is short, but I got nothing. My bad 🙁

Much luv,