“Hey! What’re you kicking me for? You want me to ask? All right, I’ll ask! Ma’am, where do the high school girls hang out in this town?”

Mikey (Jon Favreau) just broke up with his girlfriend of six years and is struggling to meet new girls. His best friend Trent (Vince Vaughn) is a playboy who is more interested in a one-night stand with every attractive girl he meets than he is meeting a girlfriend.
Mikey doesn’t want to go out because he’s sick of meeting the same girls at the same bars, over and over again. Trent decides they need a change, so they head to Vegas, the first of many classic scenes. They head to a old run down casino hoping that they’ll impress with their fancy suits and sophisticated talk. It becomes painfully obvious early, though, that neither are high rollers, even though Trent will try to convince everyone otherwise.
Much of this movie involves going to bars, clubs, parties and anywhere else that might be happening. Mikey isn’t comfortable in most of these situations whereas Trent and Sue (Patrick Van Horn) know exactly what they are doing at most times. Even if they are clueless, they try to give off the vibe that they are totally in control.
There are just so many classic scenes in this movie. Even a few unimportant scenes are just pure comedic genius. In one fifteen-minute segment of the movie, there are no less than four absolutely classic scenes. First, Mikey, Trent, and Sue are hanging out playing a hockey game on Sega. While Sue is getting money for pizza, Trent unpauses the game and makes Wayne Gretzky’s virtual head bleed. A few minutes later in the movie, Mikey meets a girl at the bar. She swears she knows him from somewhere, but it unsure of where it is. She eventually figures out that she served him a drink at Starbucks and he applied for a job there. After the bar, Sue bumps into a couple gangster-looking types. After a little verbal jarring, Sue pulls out a gun and everyone runs. Mikey asks Sue why he has a gun – “in case someone steps to you Snoop Dogg?” Right after the bar scene, they show Mikey giving a call to the girl he met at the bar that night and leaving embarrassing message after embarrassing message on her answering machine.

Video & Sound
The version that I have is one of the earlier Miramax dvd releases. I’m almost bummed because I paid $25 for poor picture quality and an non-anamorphic transfer. The sound, a Dolby Digital 2.0 track, is very weak as well. From what I’ve read, the re-release of this film (which I’m picking up someday!) improves upon the picture quality, but the sound still leaves much to be desired.

Jack squat. Actually, there is a non-anamorphic theatrical trailer. Listed on the back of the box are “Spanish subtitles” and “chapter search,” but I don’t think those have EVER been considered actual extras. Very weak, but once again, I heard the special edition improves on this.

Closing thoughts…
This is one of those movies I just throw in and watch. There are literally hundreds of quotable lines, plus listening to the back and forth between Vaughn and Favreau could never get old. If you haven’t seen this movie, you don’t know what you are missing. This is hands down my favorite comedy of all time and I can’t help but recommend it to you as well.

Ratings (out of 10)
Movie – 9
Video & Sound – 5
Extras – 0
Overall – 5