“Another movie that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now… that’s two in a week. If you ask me, that ain’t half bad!”


Much like Donnie Darko, which I reviewed earlier today, the summary of the plot of this movie just cannot do it justice. In just a few sentences, Lola (the adorable Franka Potente) gets a phone call from her boyfriend (played by some German dude I don’t know) who lost 100,000 marks on a train and needs it in 20 minutes or else some mobsters are going to kill him. I don’t know what a mark is, don’t speak German (which this movie is in), and I don’t understand what kinda moron could lose that much cash on a train, but this movie had me hooked from the second I put it in.
Stylistically, this movie is leaps and bounds ahead of almost every movie that comes out these days. It’s actually so well done that you notice that this is something special while you’re watching it. It wasn’t until someone told me about the kitchen shot in Goodfellas or the slow-mo shot in Resevoir Dogs did I really notice it. This is a movie that will really amaze you. The shots are faced paced and interesting, the camera changes color, quality and everything else for almost every scene. Even a few scenes are animated which actually fit in very well.
One of the things that I found the coolest about this movie was the little cutscenes that showed how the main characters decisions affect everything about everyone around them. It’s really quite deep if you think about it…

Video & Sound
I’ve raved about the video, now listen to me rave about the sound. The music to this movie is very cool and fits in very well. While most of it is high paced techno, there also is some slower paced music that gels with the movie really well. As I said earlier, this movie is originally in German so if you have something against reading subtitles, this isn’t the movie for you. While there is an English track, it’s obviously dubbed so I can’t recommend it. I do like that the option is there, though. The quality is excellent as well… not reference quality, but definitely above average. I have to make quick mention… the opening credits to this movie are one of the most unique credits you’ll ever see.

I dunno, I’m changing a bit… extras don’t really do so much for me. The music video for a song that seemingly doesn’t have a name (I think it might be a different version of “I Wish” which is on the soundtrack) is pretty good. The commentary is in English (with a German accent, of course) featuring Franka Potente and the director Tom Tykwer who has done a bunch of movies that I’ve never heard of. It’s a pretty interesting and entertaining commentary. I actually thought this one was going to really suck, so… pleasant surprise.

Closing words…
The best review I read for this movie said this movie defies description… I wish I would’ve wrote that. Think of this as a Requiem for a Dream-esque movie without the dreary subject matter. While it’s a short movie in length, it isn’t short on excitement. For only $15, I can’t help but recommend this to you. If you can get by the language difference, I honestly can’t think of one good reason not to tell you run to a Best Buy or Blockbuster or whatever and check out this movie! It’s actually in the IMDB top 100 (#99), so I’m not the only person that has liked this flick. Have you already seen it? Let me know what your thoughts were.

Movie – 9
Video & Sound – 9
Extras – 6
Comments – 8