Dot… Dot… Dot… Volume 24

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been quite busy with life. Besides my normal healthy obsession with running and trying to teach the fundamentals of basketball to high school freshman, I’ve been keeping busy trying to find a new vehicle. You see, I was driving to work last week when I saw a state trooper on the right shoulder of the road with lights flashing and a car in the ditch on the left side. I tapped on the brakes and tried to move over to the left and my car started into a bit of a power slide. A few seconds later, I was heading into the ditch (which, at the time, I was fine with because I didn’t want to over-correct and smash into the state trooper or head off the road to the right (which is about a 20 foot drop off into some trees). Unfortunately, I didn’t slide to a comfortable stop in the snowy median but rather my car started into a somersault motion. One and a quarter rolls (I think) to be exact. I’m extremely luck that I didn’t get hurt as far as I can tell (a week out, I feel pretty safe in saying that). The lesson to take out of this – before we get onto the weekly links – is you should most certainly ALWAYS wear your seat belt. I don’t know I’d be writing to you today had I not been wearing mine (which I always do!)

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • A really compelling story about former Wolf Gary Trent who’s working at a school in the Cities. One paragraph in the story hit me hard:

    Trent can relate to his students on a personal level because he survived an unfathomable childhood that exposed him to death, drugs and crime in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. His father served time in federal prison for drug trafficking. His mother became addicted to drugs. His grandmother murdered her own son. His grandfather drank himself to death. Other family members were incarcerated. Trent briefly dropped out of high school as a freshman and began selling crack cocaine.

    That, my friends, is called overcoming adversity. I always liked Trent and his workman-like approach he took to playing basketball, but I’ve got a new found respect for him after reading that article.

  • I think I’ve posted a similar link before, but Mark Willis posted some incredibly cool soccer-style jerseys for baseball teams. And when I say incredibly cool, I’m talking “wait… why aren’t teams wearing these EXACT jerseys for BP or something?” cool. Kudos to him for his very creative approach.
  • If you are planning on buying a car, do yourself a favor and skip watching a bunch of videos put out the by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of your car or cars you may be interested in crashing at 40 miles per hour. You’ll be convinced it’s not safe to drive about 30 miles per hour. And then watch a video where the crash dummy gets decapitated rear-ending a semi at around 20 miles per hour. You’ll be looking for a job involving heavy telecommuting before you know it.
  • Do, however, do yourself a favor and type the words “Russian insurance scam” into the search bar on YouTube. My personal favorite:


  • Grantland rarely disappoints and is a daily required read, but I particularly enjoyed this interview with Dirk Nowitzki.

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,