Dot… Dot… Dot… v3.0 volume 3

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing how people wound up on my website. Back when I was pretty active in the blogging days (anyone remember the tan and red website days?), I used to periodically post what people were searching to wind up on my site. And since I’m just that nice, I’ve decided to try to help out people who are searching for those things.

what has Sanya Richards-Ross been doing lately (likely staring at a gold medal)
Tiana Madison (she’s apparently doesn’t talk to the media and she’s fast… what else do you want to know?)
asafa powell penis (I don’t think I’ve ever written the word “penis” on that site, but whatever works for ya)
kirana james and oscar exchange bibs (top 5 coolest moment of the Olympics?)
why does kemboi finish in lane 68 (so he can use the whole track… duh!)
khalid el amin, russ archambault, fight (We got Russ and Khalid went to UConn… awesome deal for MN, right?)
brent hanson swimmer (is there a swimmer named Brent Hanson?)
wilt chamberneezy (My favorite Shaq nickname!)
van damme distant planet with three sun (I think this is referring to my review of Pitch Black, but RVD isn’t in that, is he?)

horb an neckar stadtteil ihlingen kod pocztowy (seriously?!?)
sportscenter sucks (try it yourself – I’m #2 on Google!)
the characters from the last shot by darcy frey (Don’t know much about them… I know they are fake names except for Marbury, though)
wheatus lead singer (thought he was a girl at first… haven’t heard much from them lately, though)

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • You will find much, much bigger NFL football fans than me. In fact, the last two years at my fantasy football draft, I’ve never heard of guys that have went in the top 5. Regardless of my football ineptitude, this Grantland article by Bill Barnwell about how technology may be used in the future was really exciting to me.
  • Of course, that was nowhere near the best thing that was on Grantland this week. For that, you have to go no further than this oral history of “White Men Can’t Jump.” Movies that are classically thought of as great movies get all the accolades, but as a guy who loves some admittedly cheesy movies (The Warriors, Scott Pilgrim, Swingers, Above the Rim, etc), it’s nice to see this movie get some attention.
  • The normally reliable Uniwatch blog over on ESPN has been ranking the uniforms of all of the major sports leagues from best to worst. The Vikings and Timberwolves were both listed among the 8 worst uniforms in sports. I’m not a huge fan of either jersey (in fact, I’ve screamed to the heaven’s for the Wolves to bring their original jerseys back), but neither are among the 8 worst. I have almost a bigger problem with some of their rankings of the non-Minnesota teams. Someone needs to re-do these rankings, though. In what world is the Dolphin’s jerseys rank 32 spots ahead of the Bull’s jerseys and ahead of solid NFL jerseys like the Pats and Jets. Nice concept, but bogus list.
  • My beloved Arsenal failed to win the season opener last week after losing two of their best players last year (Robin Van Persie and Alex Song). Not exactly the start we were looking for, but by this time next week, we’ll know if they’ve added any players with the almost $65 million they’ve made selling those two players. They play Stoke this weekend – a team that is known for… throwing the ball farther than other teams. Seriously.
  • Over at TVFury, they take a look at Tecmo Bowl (which they correctly label one of the greatest games ever). The post is ridiculously long, but if you’re a fan of the game, it will be a trip down memory lane.
  • I’m imagining entirely because my new blog Techble (with 5 total posts and less than 100 total visits) wrote an article entitled Facebook Sucks, Facebook has decided to rewrite their iOS app. Seems too coincidental not to be true, right?

I’m sure that much more has happened this week, but that’s all I have time for. Be sure to check the entire BH Network of sites this upcoming week as I’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,