I’ve already told you my thoughts on Korean Air on day 1 of the trip, so I won’t bore you by again going into detail on how it is the best airline in the world. Really, all I did on the way home was watch movies, so here are my thoughts on the movies I watched.

  • Fatal Contact – I’ve long been a fan of martial art movies. The reason I decided to watch this movie first is actually quite simple. You know how when you are on an airplane, they don’t let you use electronics until you are about 15 minutes into the air. I actually got to start this movie, which was subtitled in English, the moment I sat down in my seat. Since it was subtitled, I could care less whether or not my headphones were on. I did manage to watch at least 45 minutes before the captain permitted electronics and the stewardesses came around with headphones. In the movie, Kong Ko is kind of tricked into entering illegal underground fighting contests because a girl that he really digs thinks it is cool. Eventually, the stakes escalate and he’s fighting for his life. He finds out she betrayed him and he’s crushed. Really the storyline isn’t anything special. The fighting, especially by the star Jacky Wu, is phenomenal. I can easily see this guy being the next Jet Li. He’s that good…
  • 300 – I was pumped to see this movie. Admittedly, a 60 foot movie screen with Dolby Digital Surround is probably the way to see this movie. Seven inch LCD screen with cheap noise cancelling headphones… not *quite* the same. I had heard great things about this movie. Stylistically, it was ridiculously awesome. Storyline – ah… not a whole lot going on. I can’t fault it too much because it accomplishes exactly what it wants to accomplish. It’s a very cool looking action flick that is light years better than the normal crap-action flick you see nowadays. It helps that this doesn’t star someone like Paul Walker, of course. Overall, I’d recommend watching it to most guys and action watching girls, but it’s not one you need to rush out and purchase (although everyone is, apparently).
  • Disturbia – I was again pretty excited to see this one. It starts Shia LeBeouf who I’ve liked ever since I used to watch Even Stevens (man, that makes me feel old!) Anyway, the film was desperately trying to be “Rear Window” with a modern edge. It definitely was no “Rear Window,” but it was a watchable movie. It would be a good “…it’s Saturday afternoon and nothing is on… let’s check HBO… oh Disturbia… I kinda wanted to see that…” movie, but you definitely don’t need to rush out to rent it.
  • First two episodes of Prison Break – I’d never seen this show. I’d only heard how wonderful this show was and how I needed to watch it. It’s too bad that Fox didn’t try to promote this show. I mean, everybody watches football on Sunday’s… it really would’ve been a great opportunity to promote Prison Break. I guess these tv execs will just never learn. Anyway, I watched the first two episodes and I was hooked. If any series can stake the claim of “the next 24,” this is it. I got the first season when I got home and I was instantly hooked. I polished the whole thing down in like a week and a half . Of course, it is an accomplishment nowhere near as good as watching the full first season of 24 in two days which I’ve done twice, but I’m not in college anymore, so I’m still quite proud of my accomplishment.
  • Shooter – I was ready for some brainless action. Being a fan of sharp-shooting in general (mostly Saving Private Ryan and Halo 2), I thought this might be an alright movie. I was quite surprised when I figured out this movie actually was quite good. I’ve been a Marky Mark fan ever since he first yelled “…feel it, feel it…” in the Good Vibrations video. He’s actually proved to be a pretty decent actor. This is very much a movie that you want once, enjoy, and pretty much forget about, though.
  • Children of Men – I’d heard good things about this movie and to be quite honest, it was a mixed bag. It was really well made, the acting was spot on, it had an interesting storyline, but it just really didn’t go anywhere. There wasn’t enough arc to the story. There wasn’t a ton of character development. I’d imagine if this book was a novel (it might be – I have no idea and am too lazy to look), it would be a phenomenal book. It just seemed to lack any sort of feeling to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m being hyper-critical, but overall I enjoyed the movie. It just wasn’t “top 10 list” good as I thought it might be.

    If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,