that's old school! Hehe… anyways, I had a pretty good day today. Woke
up, watched a bunch of season 4 from Friends, played a
little ESPN Basketball, messed around on the computer and then headed
into work. It was pretty busy tonight… I don't think I got maybe more
than two minutes in between calls tonight. After that, I headed to the
workout room and ran my six miles and did my same ol' lifts… I'm
getting to that point where I feel like I could cut and paste this
paragraph for Monday through Friday… oh well, I don't mind it
nose is still pretty messed up… it's starting to peel now which
sucks. It's like sunburn only way, way worse… that may or may not be
the reason that Larry David is covering it up. The other reason is
because this is seriously one of the best dvd's I own. If you've never
seen it, I recommend tuning into HBO Comedy at 9 PM Central time every
single night. The fourth season is playing right now… this show rules
I have some very good and kinda bad news regarding my running. The good
news first – I got into Grandma's! At least I'm pretty confident that I
got into Grandma's since they cashed my check! Since they cap out at
like 9,000 runners, I made sure I got in early. What's bumming me out
is they turned my half marathon in two days into a quarter marathon…
I'm kinda bummed because I run 6 miles every night, so running a 6.6
mile race doesn't exactly get me all pumped. I'm still gonna run it,
but I guess I'm a little disappointed.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • No PTI or Around the Horn today… man, what a bummer! I'm kinda lost without my two daily sports shows…
  • Isn't
    it kinda funny how nobody remembers anything about dinosaurs that they
    didn't see in Jurassic Park? I mean, the only dinosaurs anybody
    remembers is the T-Rex (can't spell the whole word – hehe) and the
    raptor, which nobody even knew existed until like 10 years ago.
    Actually, come to think of it, nobody even remembers the name of
    another period besides the Jurassic period.

  • So
    I've always been curious how slow my heart slows down to now that I'm
    actually in pretty good shape. Anyways, I checked it while I was lying
    in bed last night and it was 48 beats per minutes. How sweet is that?

  • Is there anything more useless than those stupid little Dixie cups?
  • Have
    you ever seen those people who can tie a knot in a cherry stem with
    their tongues? Yeah, I can't do that… I also can't bend me tongue in
    half or fold it into a little M like you see some people do. Anyways,
    I'm jealous…

  • Remember
    how I said the other day that I really wanted to see City of God the
    other day? Well, apparently Disney has to decided that I don't need to
    see it until June 8th. It was supposed to come out on DVD February
    17th, but they decided since the flick up for a few Oscars, they are
    going to delay the DVD release until June 8th. I've been waiting to see
    this movie since it came out January 17th of 2003 when it came out in
    like 12 theaters nationwide. Would you let this fellow just watch the
    movie already?

  • When's the last time you had a conversation with a buddy that included the line "So I was watching Macguyver last night…"
  • Speaking
    of which, what do you think was a greater show, MacGuyver or Knight
    Rider? For me, it's like trying to choose a favorite child – you just
    can't do it!

  • The
    Sharon Osbourne Show got cancelled. They claim it was because of poor
    ratings, but I think you and I know the reason it got canceled was
    because it completely sucked.

  • Have
    ya seen that James Brown mugshot? Seriously, celebrity mugshots are on
    of the funniest things ever. I don't think their is a single celebrity
    who's had a respectable looking mugshot.

  • I'm
    starting to get hyped for the Super Bowl… so much so that I started
    playing Madden on the Xbox again. I traded some no name for a new
    backup running back – Rod Smart. Or as he's called on my football game
    "Rod He Hate Me."

  • I'd
    be willing to be that most people who commit a faux pas a) don't know
    they are committed a faux pas, b) don't know what the word faux pas
    means, and c) couldn't even correctly spell faux pas.

  • I
    swear every single time I took a huge bite into a Clif Bar at work
    today, somebody called… it was seriously the strangest phenomenon…
  • You
    know what question I hate… Is the bottle half full or half
    empty? Newsflash: either way you look at it, you end up with the half,
    so who frickin' cares!
  • ROTK:
    EE to be 4 hours and 10 minutes long – HOLY crap… I'm hoping it isn't
    so long that starts to take away from the movie. Whenever I inevitably
    buy it, it will be the new longest movie that I've ever seen.
  • Remember
    the Michael Jackson song Billie Jean… doesn't that line "the kid is
    not my son" take on like a totally new meaning now?
  • I make
    way more calls from work than from home… anyways, today here's what
    idiot me did. I'm trying to call time and temp today and I mistakenly
    dialed 9.

Birthday Sara! My sister is 16 (since I'm updating after midnight). I
kinda feel bad for her because she doesn't get to take the driver's
test for like two weeks. I'm also scared because having her behind the
wheel is just freaky. It's one of the three cool ages to turn though
(16, 18, 21…) so I wish her the best!
It's still wicked cold
out… as I left work today, the bank next door may or may not have
said negative 31 degrees out. I'm gonna keep complaining about it until
it at least reaches zero. My aunt and uncle are down in Texas right now
visiting my Grandparents. What a great time to be not in Minnesota!
They honestly probably couldn't have planned that any better.
I'm gone for tonight. I dunno if I'll get an update tomorrow, but I'll
try my best to get one on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the forums in my absence… if there is one! So now you know…

And knowing is half the battle!