I once went to a Nickelback concert…

Just wanted to give you a moment for those words to sink in. Anyway, on with the story. Nickelback was just starting to blow up with the song “How You Remind Me” and they were playing at Playmaker’s Pavillion in Fargo. I actually had wanted to go, but the concert was sold out. On the day of the concert, a few buddies and I headed up to Best Buy during the day because we were college kids and we obviously had nothing better to do on a Tuesday afternoon. My buddy C-Hep just had gotten his car stereo stolen from his car when it was parked outside of my apartment, so we were looking at new car stereos. As we headed back to the car stereos, I saw a guy in a leather Nickelback jackets. Assuming he was part of the road crew, I struck up a conversation with him. Towards the end, he asked if we were coming to the show. We told him how we wanted to, but the tickets were sold out. He says, “…hold on…” and he gets on the cell phone. Less than a minute later, he says that he’s got four tickets for us and we should just tell “the guy at the door” that your tickets are under Brent Hanson. So, for the first time in my life, I am “on the list” which is quite a cool feeling.

We get to the concert in which this new band named Default is opening. The lead singer informed us that their first single “Wasting My Time” had just been added to the MTV playlist that day. Anyway, they played their set which wasn’t half bad. In fact, I believe they immediately catapulted to “favorite band status” for my buddy Wiz. After the break, Nickelback came out and they started their set. About two weeks prior to the concert, I had purchased their newest cd at the time – Silver Side Up. I knew a few songs, but the main songs I wanted to hear were “How You Remind Me” which was huge at the time and both “Leader of Men” and “Breathe” which were off of their first album.

About five (or so) songs into the concert, my defibrillator started firing off. We were right in the middle of the most pit and apparently my heart was going at 200 beats per minute. I have also heard it was possible that since my body was in such close proximity to others, it could have been sensing the heartbeats of others around me. Anyway you split it, I got “popped” five times in the chest by my defibrillator. My buddies John and Kent were in the mosh pit with me… they pushed their way for me to get out. I remember a security guard coming up to me as I laid on my back and asked me if I was alright, I said “no” which just confused him to no end. After about five minutes, I went outside and gave my parents a tearful phone call. One of my buddies gave me a ride to the hospital where I got checked out to make sure everything was alright. To make a long story short, everything was alright. My device was set probably a little to be a little too conservatively.

Anyway, I don’t tell this story because it is particularly interesting or entertaining. I’m guessing it is unique because it probably hasn’t happened to you. I tell this story because it causes me to wander into the “what if…” frame of mind. What if the first time I had a heart episode, it was at the Nickelback concert instead of playing basketball. I’m not trying to be morbid here, but what if I would have died at a Nickelback concert? I probably would have at least made the news. I can already picture the full band sitting on a couch being interviewed by Kurt Loder (who turns 62 (!!!) years old tomorrow), John Norris, or Gideon Yago (the kids might not remember him) about “how horrible it was to lose such a great fan in such a tragic event.” It could have possibly even touched them enough to write a song about it. Atmosphere wrote a song about a girl that was killed at one of their shows. Phil Collins wrote a song about a girl he saw drowning… (ok, he actually didn’t, but it makes for a better story).

Let’s say Nickelback writes a quick little acoustic tune as a tribute to yours truly that is included as a bonus track only if you buy the cd at Best Buy. That would be my legacy – I would be remembered as “the kid from the Nickelback song.” I know nothing about Eric Clapton’s son that fell out of the window – not his name, age, or any of his interests. I know every word to the song, though. Now, let’s go back to the Nickelback song scenario. Ask yourself this… did you buy the last Nickelback cd? Do you like Nickelback? If a Nickelback song came on the radio, would you immediately know what band it is? What alternative rock band is the most universally loathed alternative rock band since Creed? I think you can understand where I am coming from. From my experience, nobody seems to like Nickelback, yet everyone knows their songs. I literally was “this” close to being the subject of a song that everyone knows, but nobody likes – kind of like the Macarena or anything by the Backstreet Boys. There are many, many, many reasons that I’m glad I’m still alive. Let’s just start with my wife, my family, my friends, my town, the kids I get to coach, the people I get to reach out to, etc. Not having a tribute song written about me by Nickelback has to rank somewhere near the top, though.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I’m bummed that the reviews for Spider-Man 3 are coming back pretty mixed. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first Spider-Man scored a 90% approval rating and the second Spider-Man score a 93% approval rating. The score for Spidey 3 so far? 67%. I honestly tried to talk my wife into going to a midnight showing knowing we’d both have to work the next day. Now, I’m probably going to find a time when she’s gone and hit up a matinee by myself.

  • There are a few other sequels coming out this summer that I know I can’t miss. I’m hoping Shrek 3 and the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie don’t disappoint (although I’ve owned the second and still haven’t gotten around to watching it yet). Anyway, the most disappointing news I’ve heard regarding movies this summer is that Die Hard 4 is rumored to be rated PG-13. I just can’t fathom a Die Hard movie being good if it doesn’t have that edge. You know that the reason they aren’t making this movie rated R is simply because of money. Only two R-rated “action” movies (The Matrix and 300) have gone over $200 million in total box office since 2000. The list of PG-13 action (or adventure) movies that have made over $300 million since 2000: Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Spider-Man, Star Wars 3 (or 6), and all three Lord of the Rings movies. I would argue that this decision is going to be a huge black mark on the Die Hard franchise. For my money, Die Hard 1 and 3 are arguably two of the top action films/summer movies of all time.

  • This is hugely disappointing as well. I was thinking about running the Twin Cities Marathon (or the Twin Cities 10 mile race), but reading this article makes me really question whether I want to run one of these races. In my hardcore training days, I did a lot of reading on the Runner’s World forums and would occassionally hear the argument that they need to ban headphones. I always thought it was a ridiculous argument from people who were taking things too far. I’ve run five marathons and countless half-marathons before and I’d make a guess that somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of people who run have headphones. This poll seems to agree with me. Honestly, it seems like one of those situations where a vocal minority made enough noise and are screwing the rest of us. Listen to this quote from race spokesman Bob Gustafson – “It’s definitely going to increase safety for everyone on our race course. … A lot of people train with headphones and the suggestion that we have is if you’re going to be running one of the events, perhaps try training without it.” I coach cross country and I would guess none of my kids run with headphones. The difference is that they all run in groups of 5-10 and they chat the whole time. I can’t imagine training for a marathon without music. I think part of the appeal of training for a marathon is that it gives me a chance to listen to all my new and old music every single day.

  • I wish I had a spare 60 bones because I want to see De La Hoya/Meriweather on Saturday night. I’ve been watching the De La Hoya/Meriweather 24/7 show on HBO and my excitement level for the fight has probably gone up 100 times in the past month. The only thing on tv I’ve gotten more excited lately is this show about pirates featuring Christian Okoye. By the way, I think Floyd Jr is going to win. Fight Night Round 3 seems to agree with me as well.

  • I know a lot of y’all follow sports, but probably not really running. I thought this interview with former Winona High School (MN) runner Garrett Heath. He currently runs at Stanford where he just rocked out a 3:59 mile. To me, the sub-4 minute mile is still something ridiculous. At some point in my life, I want to watch somebody run a sub-4. I read the book “The Perfect Mile” about Roger Bannister and I highly suggest to everyone – not just running fans – check out that book. It kind of is like the movie (and book, which I doubt many of you have read) Seabiscuit. You don’t have to be a big horse racing fan to enjoy Seabiscuit and you don’t have to be a running fan to enjoy “The Perfect Mile.”

  • Can’t wait to see the Sports Guy’s reaction to this photo.

  • I haven’t had much to say about the NBA playoffs, but tell me this picture isn’t priceless.

Have a good weekend, all!

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,