going on everyone? An absolute great day for me… I got to sleep in,
then I watched about basketball for about 4 hours, went and ran with
the track team, and then four more hours of basketball. Helping out
with track was pretty fun, yet at the same time weird. See, I never
actually ran track in high school, so I've never been to a track
practice. For the past year and a couple months, I've been running on
my own, but I have no formal training… meaning, when it really comes
down to it, I have no real idea as to what I'm doing myself.
also kinda pumped because I lost a few games, but my bracket isn't in
too bad shape. Every team that I was wrong with I had going out in the
next round anyways… hopefully tomorrow will go well for me, too!

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • In
    our kitchen, we have a really old tv. It's no big deal having an old
    tv, except it's gotten off centered. Now, it cuts off the bottom and
    the corner a little bit, so when I watch ESPN or ESPNews (which is the
    only thing I watch at breakfast and/or lunch!), I can't see the
    bottomline. Like yesterday, I saw that "s signed QB Brian Greise…"
    Since most pro teams end with the letter "s", it wasn't exactly helpful.

  • The
    past couple days, I've been falling while I'm walking up the steps
    lately. Seriously… I don't know what's going on, but I bet I've
    slipped ten times in the past two days. Part of me thinks that I'm
    going to fall down and break a hip like you hear old people doing so

  • Who
    buys actual "soundtracks" to movies? Not the ones with songs, but the
    ones with the like the musical score? I can understand that maybe my
    band teacher would dig them, but what about ordinary people? Actually,
    I don't know why people by soundtracks with actual songs by actual
    bands… 99% of them are terrible.

  • You
    daily dose of DYK. Did you know that the Flintstones were originally
    The Flagstones? They actually shot one episode as The Flagstones…
    crazy, huh?

  • Why
    does Wes Craven seem to have to throw "Wes Craven's…" in front of the
    name of a movie. Whenever I hear the name Wes Craven, I go "Uh oh…
    this one's probably gonna suck again." I mean, it's not like Wes Craven
    is Steven Speilberg or George Lucas or any other big name director.

  • Remember
    when you were a kid and you wanted a sandbox? Honestly, you thought
    that was the biggest deal. Seems kinda funny now since you can build a
    sandbox for like ten bucks. Also, when you think about it, what can you
    really do in the sand? I always wanted one of those fancy sandboxes
    like Mr. Rogers had on tv which was an indoor sandbox with a top with
    hinges that covered it. That probably upped the value of sandbox to
    like $11… maybe $12.

  • Lavar
    Arrington sucks on Dream Job. He honestly has nothing to say. His
    criticism consists of "Yup, that was good" or "Naw, I didn't really
    like that one."

  • It's
    hard watching Texas Tech because I really only want my favorite player
    in college basketball, Andre Emmett, to shoot every time down the court.

  • I
    don't like teams with long names… they never fit on the brackets. I
    think that's part of the reason I picked Mississippi State to go out

  • Mandy
    Moore is single… this gives me hope! She's seems like the nicest
    celebrity, plus she's a bit of a looker. Not a huge fan of her movies,
    but I guess Walk to Remember wasn't that bad.

it's off to bed for this fella. Gonna run in the morning… then I'm
probably gonna watch a movie, watch a bit of basketball, go out for
lunch with my friend Maggy, watch some more basketball, then go to
work. I'm really pumped because I'm getting my runs in, I'm getting my
movies watched (still behind on review, though!), and I'm really been
having a good week. March is always the best month… you got your
basketball – high school state tournaments, NCAA tourney, and to some
extent pro games. The weather is also warming up – I could've run with
shorts on today! It seems like I'm kinda-sorta depressed all winter and
March is the month that gets me back out of that slump. I can't wait
for spring things – I'm a long, khaki shorts wearing kinda guy. I used
to wear them all the time… all winter even! Now that I'm a working
man, I really can't rock the long, baggy shorts unless it's a weekend.
Speaking of which, Saturday, I'm doing the long run in DL and then
Sunday I'm working. Hopefully I can watch a little b-ball, though!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,