Brentnet Radio Episode 70

Engine engine number 9. On the Perham Transit Line…

It was very tempting not to do a podcast this week. I haven’t slept all week thanks to work and my daughter. Being as I’m not a complainer, I completely understand. My work (IT) has a lot of things that need to be done at night and I’m not the kind of parent that’s going to let his daughter scream for an hour in the middle of the night. As a result, stock prices in local coffee shops have shot through the roof this week. All that being said, though, it’s Friday and I’ve nearly made it through the week. If I can somehow sneak in an afternoon nap on Saturday or Sunday, I think I’ll be completely recharged for next week.

On this particular Friday morning, though, I encourage you to recharge yourself by listening to my old school hip hop podcast. I’m biased towards semi old school hip hop, but I think this is one of my five favorite episodes ever. Where else are you going to find Heavy D, Warren G, and Paperboy today? By the way, how cool yet dated is it when a rapper makes a reference to the “nine deuce.” Second random question – why does spell-checker catch the word “Terrordome” as a misspelled word? Shouldn’t that be in Webster’s at this point?

As usual, you can click here to download this episode to listen to it at your computer on on the go. Or, again, as usual, just click on the play button below.


1 – Heavy D – Now That We Found Love
2 – Flavor Flav – Shake Your Booty
3 – Pharaohe Monch – Welcome to the Terrordome
4 – Us3 – Cantaloop
5 – Young MC – Bust a Move
6 – Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka
7 – Naughty By Nature – Uptown Anthem
8 – Del the Funkee Homosapien – Mistadobalina
9 – Warren G – Regulate
10 – Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours
11 – Paperboy – Ditty
12 – Tribe Called Quest – Scenario

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