Brentnet Radio – Episode 67

Man am I tired.

Actually, I don’t know that for sure as I type up this description. Just a prediction that, if history is any indication, will probably turn out pretty true. Yes, like the millions of moronic masses, I’m going to be hitting the stores in the middle of the night tonight on this blackest of Black Friday’s.

So, of course, the logical thing to do would be to create a playlist to listen to while you’re shopping. But alas… Brentnet Radio has never been about logic. Just quality music. So instead of an elaborate playlist that all ties into the theme of chaos, commercialism, and time off of work, I just have 12 songs that I think are pretty cool. Although, by complete coincidence, I play songs called “Monster”, “Moneygrabber”, “Early Morning Wake Up Call”, “Dark Into Light”, and “Snowblinded.” Complete coincidence, but they all kinda fit the Black Friday theme.

As usual, you can click here to download this episode to listen to it at your computer on on the go. Or, again, as usual, just click on the play button below.


1 – The Automatic – Monster
2 – Fitz and the Tantrums – Moneygrabber
3 – The National – Apartment Story
4 – Kasabian – Fire
5 – Hazen Street – All That
6 – Matisyah – Dark Into Light
7 – Sparta – Red Alibi
8 – Surfer Blood – Swim
9 – The Hives – Early Morning Wake Up Call
10 – The Editors – Blood
11 – Kill Hannah – Snowblinded
12 – Box Car Racer – Sorrow

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