Brentnet Radio Episode 49

Top of the morning to ya. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday. I’m back as the tiredest man in podcasting never sleeps. You may think that’s some indication on how hard I work, but actually, thanks to my month old daughter, I never sleep. So if you hear a little extra slumber in my voice or catch me in an on-air yawn, please ignore. Although, if you do want to send complimentary coffee gift cards my way, I would not say no.

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1 – LL Cool J – Rock the Bells
2 – Bloc Party – Plans
3 – Sum 41 – Machine Gun
4 – Mest – What’s the Dillio
5 – Kardinal Offishal – Bacardi Slang
6 – Minus the Bear – My Time
7 – Mickey Facts & B.o.B. – Mind Got Blown
8 – Chromeo – Night By Night
9 – The Coup – My Favorite Mutiny
10 – Band of Horses – Compliments
11 – Tinariwen – Lulla
12 – Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without the E (Cut From the Team)

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