Best Running Music Ever – Week 4

headphones4Best Workout Songs
Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor – Easily my favorite song by a band that has a bunch of good songs to run to.

Drake – The Motto – This song is very brag-adocious which, if I’m having a good race or workout, will help catapult me. I know I’m not fast, but I sometimes feel like Mo Farah (albeit fatter and whiter) listening to Drake bragging.

Foo Fighters – Pretender – A running playlist of 20 of the most uptempo Foo Fighter songs would work for me…

Gym Class Hero – The Fighter – Another song that does a good job of building you up. Love the “…there goes a fighterrrrrr” chorus when you are the middle of some intense intervals.

Kanye West & Jay-Z – HAM – When this album came out, I thought it was strange they had a song entitled “Ham.” Love the acronym, though.

Metallica – Fuel – I challenge you to listen to James Hetfield scream “Give me fuel/give me fire/give me that which I desire” followed by the opening riff and not feel instantly pumped up.

Qemists – Stompbox – A song that was featured in my movie – For Three, this song instantly gets me going. I don’t even want to know what the BPM count would be but if you are looking for the most strikes of a snare drum in a song, this song will do it for you.

Refused – Refused Are ____ Dead (EP Version) – This track is another that has gotten me going for years and years. I really like the rock version as well, but the electronica version gets me into the zone for a good, hard run.

Thrice – Cold Cash and Cold Hearts – Riley Breckenridge, besides being a dude that seems really cool, plays some incredible drums on this hard rock tune.

Waka Flaka Flame – Hard in Da Paint – When I first heard the name “Waka Flaka Flame,” I thought instantly this was most ridiculous rap name I’ve ever (and it still is). This song gets me pumped, though. I noticed last year the Celtics used this as their intro music.

Best Easy Running Songs
Barry Vorzon – Theme from “The Warriors” – This song definitely is from the era it sounds like it’s from (late 70s). I love the movie and strangely the song has been a good running song for me, as well.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat – This song is a strange collaboration between R&B, hip hop, and whatever genre Skrillex would be considered.

College – Critical Mass – I’m not sure if this song is featured in the movie “Drive” or I just heard it because College sings other songs that were featured in the movie. Really good song for some medium tempo days.

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time – Good to see these guys blowing up. I wouldn’t want to race quarters to this song, but it’s a good song for a putting in the miles day.

Mogwai – Auto Rock – Strangely moving. This song has tremendous momentum. It starts as almost nothing. It builds an amazing song around one really simple piano loop that becomes bigger and bigger until and epic finale.

Mona – Lines in the Sand – Another band, like the Foo Fighters, where I can run to nearly every song. They are a newer rock band that remind me a little of a cross between Kings of Leon and AWOLNATION.

Orbital – Halcyon – And On and On – This is a techno song that goes back. I think I first heard of this song nearly 20 years ago when the movie Hackers (which has aged horribly) came out.

Best Steady State Songs
Against Me! – New Wave – I’ve been running to this song for years. Never my favorite song on the playlist, but never a song I skip either.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) – The steady drum beat makes this alt rock classic a perfect running song for those medium tempo days.

Audiovent – The Energy – I’ve heard this song about a million times because it was featured on one of the Madden games when I was in college.

Avicii – Levels – You’ve no doubt heard this song pumping on a radio or playing in a Hollister or Abercrombie (or whatever clothing store is trendy with the kids these days).

Blink-182 – Dumpweed – The first song off of “Enema of the State” has been a running staple for years. The verses are pretty tame, but the rapid fire chorus is great to run to.

The Bravery – Unconditional – I’m incredibly bummed that this band (seemingly) no longer exists as they made a bunch of stuff I liked to run to. This might be my favorite by them, though.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock – Much better than the latest Daft Punk, that’s for sure…

Editors – Munich – A criminally underrated song by a band that has a surprising amount of good songs out there…

M.I.A. – Galang (Serj Tankian Remix) – Love the regular version of this song, but the guitars in the chorus give it that extra something that makes it a great running song.

N.E.R.D. – She Wants to Move – A great hip hop song that doesn’t fit the mold of typical hip hop songs. The remix is actually pretty good to run to, as well.

P.O.S. – Drumroll – Short and certainly not sweet, this P.O.S. gem will get your legs going and your heart pumping.

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift – Featuring in the Fast & Furious movie that most people either have forgotten or don’t care for, but I really like the Asian sound incorporated in this hip hop song.

Vendetta Red – Shatterday – I don’t think these guys are around anymore, but the last half of this song is fantastic for a steady hard running day.