What’s up y’all,

   I’m just hanging out bout to go to bed. Thought I’d add my random thoughts before I go to bed, ya know how it is. Just listening to a little Common Rider. I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to some old school Op Ivy, but the lead singer joined this band when it was over with Op Ivy. Anyways…

   What’s new with me? Always ask that question, don’t I? Well, I’m enjoying my second week of work. I have to work on Friday then I think I’m done until next week (yeah!!!) I can honestly say I’m 100% pleased with my job so far. I really like the hours (late), I really like the people I work with and I generally enjoy what I’m doing. So, that’s definitely a positive. Seriously, one of the only things I’m worried about is going stir-crazy once my friends leave for the summer. I dunno – I guess I’ve kinda gotten to the point where I love my friends to death (most of the time), but at the same time I don’t need be around them 24/7 to be happy like I kinda sorta felt like I used to need to.

    I’m excited about going to Fargo tomorrow though. Gotta do some frickin’ cleaning at the house which is gonna suck. I’ve gotta paint a couple walls and I’ve gotta pack a crapload of stuff up. Then sometime between now and Monday, I have to mow the lawn. The good news is I get to make a Best Buy run tomorrow which I haven’t done in about 2 or 3 weeks. I’m also gonna pick up the new Yellowcard album. That album is the shiz-nit!!! I might grab the Used cd/dvd combo as well… It looks to be pretty good.

   Let’s see… now to the ever-empty girl department. Unlike normally, I actually kinda sorta have a crush on a friend of mine though. I’m not gonna act on it or anything because A) it would turn into a long distance relationship in about 3 weeks and B) I’m just not into the whole trying to mess with a perfectly awesome friendship. It’s such a weird feeling though. I mean, I’ve always thought she was really cool, but over about the past two weeks I’ve hung out with here like every other night or so. It’s cool cuz we don’t do anything, but it’s so much fun. We went through the old high school yearbook one night, talked about people and dumb tattoos one night, watched a movie a bunch of nights… Oh well, maybe someday, ya know.

   And I’m outta here… I gotta go to bed! This working man stuff is hard on a fella (until I get my check on Saturday!!!)