I’ve been writing a blog since October 2002. In the two and a half years I’ve been doing this, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I would be able to write this blog. For the first time in entirely too long, I get to write a blog about a girl. Unlike some of my past “girl” blogs that would basically wind up with me saying something ridiculous like “gee… wouldn’t it be cool to date a girl like Natalie Portman” or something like that, this one is grounded entirely in reality which makes it that much cooler. Many guys wouldn’t write this blog. Many guys will almost begrudgingly admit that they like a girl. As I’ve proven time and time again in my writing, I’m not “every guy.”
Anyway, I’ll give you a little background. I met this girl a little over three years ago when we both chaperoned a youth church retreat to Winnipeg (that’s in Canada for the uninformed). The trip ended up with a guy and a girl making out the morning before heading back home. Of course, as cool as I thought she was at the time, neither of us were involved in any of that. Nope – that was my buddy Cory and a random high-schooler he met on the trip. Hehe – sorry to put you under the bus like that dude, but it’s a hilarious story. Back to the story – I spent a bunch of time that weekend hanging out with her and getting to know her. I remember sitting out in the hall to make sure none of our kids were going into each other’s rooms after curfew and getting yelled at by a hotel worker saying we weren’t allowed in the halls. Then again, he didn’t believe either of us that we weren’t in high school, though. One more sidenote – I went on the very same youth trip when I was in high school a few years earlier. I was surprised to find the minibar was left unlocked. Apparently the rules in Canada for providing alcohol to kids 14-18 must be a little more lenient than here in the States. For the record, I think that trip might have marked the only time in the recorded history of youth church trips that some random kid had to be rushed to the hospital to get his stomach pumped due to alcohol poisoning. How would you ever even begin to explain that to your parents? What makes you want to go on a church trip and get trashed? These are the kinds of things that I will never understand.
Anyway, I met her three years ago in Winnipeg, thought she was cool and proceded to do absolutely nothing about it for about the next three years. I would take a notice of where she was sitting in church every Sunday and I would see her from time to time at the community center, but that was about it.
A week after Grandma’s Marathon last summer, I decided to run a 10k here in Perham. I was actually thinking of skipping it because my legs felt like complete trash and I wanted to actually to sleep in. Plus, the race was at 8:00 AM and I had to work my last Saturday at the helpdesk at 10:00 AM. Normally before a race, I’m so focused on setting a new PR or whatever that I throw on my music try to avoid any distractions. I’ve never been big into the “social” aspect of races before a race. This race was different, though. I knew I was in much better shape than I was a year ago, so a new PR wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. So, instead of putting on my loud hard rock on my mp3 player while attempting to pretend everyone and everything else in the world didn’t matter, I decided to chat it up a bit. I ran into Sara who was there with her brother and her brother’s girlfriend who had both come to cheer her on. We probably talked for like 15-20 minutes, but again I was just really surprised at how easily I could talk to her. As you can tell from my writing, I sometimes go off on tangents and say whatever complete randomness that comes into my head at any given time. Some people don’t get this and I struggle to figure out where to go with a conversation. I’m the kind of person who you probably think is a shy, quiet fellow until you get to know me. Then I don’t shut up… seriously. She was completely cool, though, and unlike most good looking girls, I didn’t struggle a bit or feel uncomfortable. So the obvious thing would’ve been to call her up and ask her to hang out sometime, right? Slow down, partner. This is me that we’re talking about.
One last note – I remember that race for going out like a complete tool. I wanted to go out hard, but I should’ve known I was in trouble when I could still see a kid who runs division 1 cross country at the first mile mark. I should’ve went out in about 7-7:30. I ran a 6:20 first mile and proceded to absolutely die. It was terrible.
Fast forward about three quarters of a year. In the back of my mind, I still thought Sara was a cool girl, but had still done absolutely nothing about it. One day I was running up at the community center on the treadmill next to my former youth director/running buddy/all-around-nice-guy Erin when we stopped and chatted for about five minutes with her on the way out. Again, the wheels began turning in my head that I should maybe think about asking her out sometime. Around Easter weekend, though, I saw her at a movie with a guy that didn’t know, so I figured that maybe she had a boyfriend. After doing a little research, I finally decided a few weeks later in my mind that I was going to give her a call. Problem was, I didn’t want to ask her out to a movie or anything like that – the chance of rejection was just entirely too great. So I decided to try to flip the odds in my favor by asking her if she wanted to go for a run. I figured that even if she wasn’t “liking me like that,” she wouldn’t say no and I’d have a chance to at least gauge if she was somewhat interested. Much to my surprise, she actually asked if I wanted to go to Maplewood State Park about 20 minutes away on Sunday to run. Obviously, I didn’t say no. From there, we’ve been on a few dates and hanging out quite a bit – watching movies and that sort of thing. What more can I say… I’m happy.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • You know “things is different” when you find small stuff really cool. For example, I was talking to Sara about the movies I’ve got coming. For about the past week, she constantly confuses the name “Spanglish” by calling it “Spangladesh.” I don’t know what exactly it is, but I find it really cute… almost in an “aww… Rachel’s finally going out with Ross” kind of way.
  • Another small thing that you have to appreciate. The other day, I complained to Sara that my sister said she was going to make me cookies on her day off from school on Friday and never did. So, as she comes over to my house yesterday, what does she have? A plate of cookies. Call me easily impressed, but how can you not dig a girl that is thoughtful like that? For the record, I’ve been in my house for nearly two months now and I’ve cooked exactly nothing that required more than about five minutes of work. About the most advanced cooking that I’ve done has been a little bit of chicken on a Foreman grill. The sad thing is, my cupboards are just stocked with all sorts of good pasta, soup, and rice dishes. Not once over the past two months have I decided “Hmm… maybe I’ll do something that isn’t quite so simple today.” How pathetic am I?
  • Having a girl your interested in changes a lot of things as well. For example, when I checked my email for about the last few weeks and I get to the daily “Some girl from wants to meet you,” I don’t bother clicking on the link. I don’t wonder “hmm… think this girl really is cool in real life?” I don’t really care anymore. It’s not like I was ever going to try to meet random girls on the internet in the first place although I do think it’s probably as good of place as any to meet someone. I know certain people have a certain stigma about hearing the words “I met this girl on the internet,” but I really don’t think that should be any less embarrassing than saying you met a girl at a bar or at a club. I still find it humorous how that site is run. I’ve mentioned it before, but the scoring on that site is completely ridiculous. I have about the same number of people who have said I’m a 5,7,9 and 10, yet somehow I managed to ”score” a 9.8. Are these things weighed like grades in an Ivy League school or something? I don’t consider myself ugly and I don’t consider myself the next big thing male model. I find it funny that a picture of me that makes me look pasty white (which I am), somewhat stoned (which I’m not) and about 40 pounds heavier than I am right now (notice I’m rocking layers) is somehow deserving of a 9.8. It makes absolutely no sense and after about three years of having the same picture up, it humors me.

Okay, if you are a first-time reader, most of my blogs don’t read like an episode of the Gilmore Girls. If you think this website stinks, I beg you to come back again later. If you think this post was great, I beg you not to leave later when I eventually make fun of a Brittany Murphy or Kate Hudson movie or say an insensitive remark about the latest Beyonce song.
No big plans as of yet for the day. After work, I’m going to run quick and head to the track meet. I have a sneaky feeling that it’s going to get cancelled, though, because of rain. Even if the weather is suspect, I might only stick around for a little bit. There are only like three teams there, but I still want to go out and support the kids. I’ve got to find a way to get my 8-miles in sometime, though. Unlike basketball where I was a coach and I had responsibilities, I’m strictly a fan of track, so I can be a little selfish. To be honest, I think that’s something that I’ve earned. I skipped plenty of runs to help out with basketball. Now that I’m in the real important part of my marathon training, I can’t be skipping any runs or workouts… I just can’t justify it in my mind! Plus, I’m probably going to have supper with Sara which is another small treat. Even when I lived with my parents, I didn’t often eat at home just because my eating schedule is usually so out of whack. Like I said earlier, I don’t cook for myself. One of the reasons is because it seems pointless for me to cook up a big meal of spaghetti or something because I know I’m going to wind up eating it for the next 3-4 meals. Having someone to cook for and/or cook with hopefully will influence me to start eating a little better. By eating better, I don’t mean necessarily eating healthier. I’m actually referring to food that actually tastes better than the tired turkey and mustard sandwiches that I eat four times a day.
Anyways, I’m tired and I need to get quite a bit done at work tomorrow. If you get bored, as always shoot me an email. Otherwise, check out the forums where we talk about everything and anything that’s going on in the world and/or our lives. I’m always trying to “recruit” a few cool new people to start posting, so feel free to join the brentnet family. Tell me that last line doesn’t sound straight out of an infomercial. By the way – your welcome for the entirely uncool webcam pic. The peeps said they missed me posting a webcam pic everyday, so I’m trying to do my best to post them as often as I can remember. One last note – I widened out the website a little bit, so hopefully that should make the site a little more readable. If you have at least 1024×768 for the screen resolution, it should look fine.

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,