Album of the Week – M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

Check this album if you like – Foster the People, The xx, Massive Attack
Favorite songs – Intro, Reunion, Midnight City

Whenever I’m going to a concert, I prepare pretty much the same way every time. I load up my means of listening to use music with the band I’m going to see. In 1999, this meant making a mixtape. In 2002, this meant burning a cd. In 2004, it might’ve been watching their concert dvd. In 2006, it may have been watching their YouTube videos. In 2008, it might have been listening to their tunes on my iPod. In 2012, it currently means listening to them on Spotify.

No matter – the second step in this process is to find out who the opening bands are. A few years ago, my wife was going to a little band known as “The Killers” in concert. In a case of somewhat unfortunate timing, I wasn’t able to attend because I had to coach a basketball game the night of the concert. However, I prepared for the concert as if I was going.

The opening band was a little French group called M83. They had a song “Kim & Jessie” that I really liked. In October of 2011, they came out with “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” double album which has been in constant rotation ever since.

The first three songs (“Intro,” “Midnight City,” and “Reunion”) on disc 1 are three of my favorite songs of the past year. The rest of disc 1 doesn’t disappoint. “Wait” sounds like a song you hear playing during a pivotal scene to an Oscar winning movie. In fact, the whole album sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a phenomenal movie. Where was M83 when I was making my movie?

Besides being one of the more upbeat songs on the pretty mellow record, “New Map” is my highlight of the second disc. “Year One, One UFO” is the most rocking song on the second disc (I’m willing to be this song wails live).