Album of the Week – Japandroids – Celebration Rock

If you are a music buff, no doubt you have noticed Celebration Rock by the Japandroids on many year-end “best of 2012” lists. My first listen to the album, I immediately was sort of relieved that it still is apparently possible to make a good, hard-rocking album. It seems 90% of true “rock” music I listen to is either old music or new albums by bands that have been around for 20 years. Seriously, what is the last rock album not by Green Day, Foo Fighters, or Blink 182 that has gone on to sell any amount of records? Fall Out Boy? My Chemical Romance? It’s been awhile.

The Nights of Wine and Roses – Solid opener. Initially thought is this is a really big sound for a band that consists of two dudes

Fire’s Highway – If you’re a fan of the Offspring, you’ll really like all the sing-along “woahs” on this whole album

Evil’s Sway – Listening to songs like this, I can’t tell if they are more influenced by punk rock or by classic rock. There is definitely a punk rock rhythm to their songs, but they seem to have some classic rock melodies. Good combination, either way…

For the Love of Ivy – Another song that sounds like there are 20 people in the band instead of just two… maybe one of the more 80s punk-influenced songs on the record. Which, of course, made more sense when I looked it up and found out this is a cover song by an 80s punk blues band.

Adrenaline Nightshift – One of my three favorite songs on the record…

Younger Us – If I were 19 years old and still delivering pizza for Dominos, I would’ve played this song five times a day on my delivery route. Really strong song.

The House That Heaven Built – Another of my trio of favorite songs on the record. Another great sing-along chorus. I imagine this song would just wait live. If I were in a cover band, I may push for this to be an opening tune…

Continuous Thunder – Quite possibly my favorite song on the album. Fantastic closer to an album without nary a flaw.