going on everybody? I'm just hanging out here in the freezing cold
basement. This has been like two weeks in a row that it's been
ridiculously cold out. Being from Minnesota, I have a different
definition of frigid cold that those softies out on the East
Coast. Seriously though, I have run outside twice in the last two weeks
and one of those times I ended up with a nasty case of frostbite that
I'm still paying for. My nose actually started peeling today kinda like
in the summer when you get your first bad sunburn of the year… how
disgusting is that? AHHH!
So, as in traditional fashion with my day
off, I didn't do anything. Man, I had some decent plans for today but
it turned into playing ESPN Basketball, watching Friends and messing
around on the internet. It's honestly amazing how fast time can go by
if you aren't really doing anything. It's like a half hour here, half
hour day and all the sudden the day is over.
I'm kinda ticked off – my cell phone is dying, I think. I've never had
a problem with a cell phone and then a year ago, my phone started
having trouble turning on and off. Within like a week, it was dead and
I needed a new cell phone. Well, the new cell phone has been getting
progressively worse and worse since this summer. I've had a cell phone
for 5 years now. First was that crappy Nokia that everybody has at
least once had at least once. After that it was another crappy Nokia,
then two Sanyo's. Anyways, I just got this phone like probably this
time last year and I'm starting to think that within a few months time
here, it's gonna be time to get a new one. About a month after I got my
last phone, camera phones became all the rage and I'd actually really
like to get one, especially now that I've got the webpage. I've always
though I needed more pictures of me and my friends on here, but I never
carry my digital camera. What do you think – is a moblog something that
you'd be interesting in checking out? In case you don't know what it
is, a moblog is just a site that I'd set up so I could automatically
update my new pictures from the camera phone just by emailing them to a
certain address… I'd already have one by now if I was working
full-time, but I guess I still don't really know if or when that's
gonna happen. I hope it does happen soon though… I get bored sitting
at home like this! At least I'm able to picking some extra hours every
once in a while – that definitely helps. I've worked at ACS for like 7
months now, but only once have I gotten a call and not been able to
come into work (I was up in Fargo). I also take pride in I haven't
missed a day or asked for a day off yet…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Is there anyone who isn't Ahmad Rashad's main man?
  • You
    Got Served… honestly is there anyone who wants to watch that movie? I
    won't lie – I'm pretty happy that B2K broke up and if the only price
    I have to pay is some crappy commercials for a crappy movie, maybe I
    got off pretty easy… To anybody that goes to this movie,
    though: honestly, what are you thinking?
  • Jekyl and Hyde – which one is which?
  • Another installment of funny stuff people have seached for and found brentnet: atmosphere murs in concert – sorry to disappoint but I haven't seen either of them in concert. I'd love to, though…cheaper by the dozer (oops – I can't spell!), around the horn disembodied voice which is cool cuz I'm one of the biggest Around the Horn fans around… the HORN, you'rethemannowdog – if you haven't seen Finding Forrester, check it out for just this part, don cheadle nfl commercials – I think I once mentioned that I hated these commercials (still do!), michael wilbon (once again, I'm a huge PTI fan!), the tony show which I think has the potential to be the funniest show on tv next year, Movie Review on "Charlies Angel 2" (which I've never even seen!), and the funniest of them all "Kirby the elf, dentist"you remember him! From the claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…
  • So
    I'm watching Newlyweds tonight… I know the show is corny, but it's
    better than nothing. Anyways, wow – Nick Lachey is 30. That's crazy…
  • Doesn't
    it seem like Ben Affleck is trying to prove that he's "still" really
    cool or something like that. To be honest, I've never liked anything
    that he's done besides some of the more indie films (read: Kevin Smith
    movies & Good Will Hunting)
  • How
    come the only astronaut that everybody remembers from the 1986
    Challenger is the teacher? Were there not like 6 other astronauts
  • My
    first year of college, I went to Moorhead State and lived in the dorms.
    I always thought it really stunk that we were seriously the only
    college (at the time) that I knew of that didn't have high speed
    internet. The dialup they had there was seriously just awful, too.
    People would sit in their rooms for like hours with their computer
    redialing just trying to get in. When they would get on, it'd be at
    some terrible speed like 10k or something. Anyways, being the same
    computer geek back then as I am now, I had to buy my own dialup that I
    could at least get on at a 56k speed. Anyways, I don't know if they've
    changed by now (can anybody who lives on campus at MSU confirm this?),
    but as of last year, they still didn't have the dorms networked. A few
    companies offer cable internet for a bit of a discounted rate, so some
    of the smarter people realized that like 2 to 4 dorm rooms could get
    together and buy internet access, get a router and some CAT 5 and
    they'd have their high speed internet. The cable company got wise to
    that, so they outlawed network cords in the hallways. Then, you had
    people doing crazy stuff like wiring their network between the power
    outlets that runs in between the two rooms which is probably a major
    fire hazard as well as a safety risk. Now, with wireless internet
    becoming affordable, I'm guessing they are doing the same thing without
    the cords. All of this just brings me to one simple conclusion –
    Moorhead State needs to man up and get high speed internet! If you're
    worried about file sharing that has been a problem on other colleges,
    block Kazaa, IRC, and other well known ports. Just get it done!
  • Tomorrow,
    I've gotta do the all important song selection for my MP3 player for
    the half-marathon. A lot of hardcore runners aren't cool with running
    with headphones on, but I honestly couldn't imagine running without
    'em. It's hard though because I have to pick songs really high beats
    per minute. Sometimes I'll pick a song that I think I'll really dig and
    find inspiration while I'm running, but while I'm actually running,
    I realize it sucks. Like the other day, I had Hero by the Foo Fighters
    on there and I realized it's more of an inspirational in a
    "theme-song-to-a-movie-that-makes-you-cry-way." During a race, I need
    some "dead-tired-and-I-need-a-song-that-will-make-me-run-faster" kind
    of inspiration.
  • Is
    their anything more tired than the sitcom or movie "hang up?" You know
    what I'm talking about – one person gets mad and hangs up the
    phone. Then, when it rings they pick up and started swearing or saying
    something stupid only to realize it's their mother and grandma is on
    the phone. I bet you nobody in the history of ever has said "Hey, I
    remembered this one time when that happened to me…"
  • Survivor All Stars – really, is there such a thing?

Well, the Gopher's really coughed up what would have been a huge game today. I rant and rave a little in the MN Sports forum
and if you're a Gopher fan like myself, I invite you to join the
conversation. It's been a very frustrating year for Gopher b-ball fans.
I'll leave it at that for now, but I'd like to know if you're
frustrated like me? The weekly topic is still up… go to the Coffee Talk forum and let me know what your predictions are for the year 2004?
I didn't get to watch any movies today, so no reviews or anything like
that. I didn't make it to DL to pick up either Friends or Thirteen, so
there goes that plan. Anyways, maybe I'll still watch one tonight. The
night is young and I've got nothing better to do.
So I'm off until
tomorrow. I'll do an update tomorrow and then maybe a mixtape or
something on Friday – no promises though. I'm heading out of town, so I
really don't know for sure that I'll get something up. After that, I
think I'm heading up to Fargo on Saturday and watching the Superbowl up
there on Sunday as well. I'll definitely put up something though. I'm
addicted to this page – hehe!