25 Days of Stocking Stuffers: Stuff Good Players Should Know

Over the next 25 days, I’m going to have a list of 25 stocking stuffers (five different ideas from five different BH network websites).

Stuff Good Players Should KnowStuff Good Players Should Know

First of all, good luck finding a copy of this book. I think I paid $30 and after reading it, would’ve gladly paid $100. The book – written by the now deceased Dick DeVenzio – is a compilation of knowledge for basketball players and coaches. Almost all of it is somewhat common sense for people that understand the game, but it’s presented in a way that makes it really valuable.

I’ve actually found this book has completely changed myself as a coach. I now make it a goal of teaching one or two of his “lessons” from the book at every single game or practice. As a 9th grade basketball coach, my job is to develop young players and teach them as much as humanly possible about the game.

To read, comprehend, and implement 3% of what’s in this book into your game and coaching will raise your basketball IQ by 50 points. I’m not going to force my kids into playing basketball, but if they do come to that decision on their own, you can fully expect they will be getting a copy of this book for Christmas right around 6th or 7th grade.