25 Days of Stocking Stuffers – Action Films

Over the next 25 days, I’m going to have a list of 25 stocking stuffers (five different ideas from five different BH network websites).

Today, I’m featuring all of the action films I reviewed on Motion Artifacts this year. You can click on each review for a more in-depth look or just read the quick blur and make sure you have a gift receipt. Works either way…

Headhunters – It may be in Norwegian, but it’s fantastic

Battleship – Utterly awful. Only reason to buy this movie is if you plan on holding someone hostage over the next calendar year.

The Avengers – Not as great as comic book nerds would have you believe, but it’s still highly watchable. Your 13-year old nephew would love this gift

The Hunger Games – Better than I thought it would be… just do yourself a favor and pretend the third book (and eventually movies) don’t exist.

Battle Royale – Probably wouldn’t buy this for like your girlfriend or your mother-in-law, but it’s Tarantino’s favorite film of the last 20 years (which should tell you something…)

The Dark Knight Rises – No real good reason NOT to own this on DVD, Blu-Ray, digital, etc…