1) Kwame Brown – Washington Wizards – Can we officially label Kwame a bust? I’m actually not completely ready to give up on him yet, but I do think he is going to be an average at best player. He could surprise me and have a Jermaine O’Neal-type breakout season, but he hasn’t shown much in his four years in the league. Overall pick rating – 2. If it was’nt for Olowokandi, you’d have to think Kwame would be a contender for worst #1 draft pick of all time.

2) Tyson Chandler – Chicago Bulls – He’s not been horrible, but he was traded for Elton Brand which automatically lowers his stock. A starting lineup of Gordon (why, pray tell, does Duhon start over him!!!), Hinrich, Deng, Brand, and Curry looks awfully scary, especially in the East! Overall pick rating – 3.

3) Pau Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies – Gasol has been the man of this draft class. You could argue after Garnett and Duncan, he’s the most complete forward in the league. In his four years in the league, all he’s done is turn the Griz from chumps into playoff contenders. Overall pick rating – 5. There isn’t a team in the league who couldn’t find a use for Pau Gasol. That says a lot.

4) Eddy Curry – Chicago Bulls – He’s consistantly turning into a solid post. While all the "Baby Shaq" talk was obviously premature, he may develop into the most dominant center in the league once the Diesel leaves. Overall pick rating – 4. He hasn’t quite lived up to his potential yet, but he has shown it.

5) Jason Richardson – Golden State Warriors – While he may be best remember for his dunk contest victories, right now Richardson is the token guard on a horrible team that puts up remarkable numbers. Overall pick rating – 4. He hasn’t been awful and he’s probably not the reason that Golden State stinks, but he hasn’t exactly shown leadership abilities.

6) Shane Battier – Memphis Grizzlies – Battier and his Pound Puppy wrinkled head has been awfully average… as much as I would have loved for him to be awful! He is limited as to what he can do, but he makes the best of his abilities. He does a lot of small things right and he gets it done on defense. Overall pick rating – 3.

7) Eddie Griffin – Houston Rockets – Didn’t work out too swell with the Rockets. Has turned into an acceptable role player with the Timberwolves. Overall pick rating – 2. I don’t think anyone was hoping with the amount of talent he has that he would turn into a quality role player.

8) DeSagana Diop – Cleveland Cavaliers – He absolutely stinks. I guarantee you if I played equal amount of minutes as Sir Diop, I could average 1 freaking point per game. Overall pick rating – 1.

9) Rodney White – Detroit Pistons – He’s shown the occasional flash but has mostly been horrible in his four years. Since being traded to the Warriors, he’s gotten absolutely lost in the shuffle. Overall pick rating – 1. Who wants a mop up player with a top 10 pick.

10) Joe Johnson – Boston Celtics – Ah… the start of the “let’s pick three of the same player in the first round” draft for the Boston Celtics. Seriously – who didn’t think this was a mistake? They took three wing players in the first round when they have one wing (Pierce) who you know isn’t going to get taken out of the game. Overall pick rating – 3. The sad news is they gave up on the best player of the bunch – Johnson – first in order to get Tony Delk.

11) Kedrick Brown – Boston Celtics – Another horrible pick! Only four years after getting draft at number 11, he’s out of the league. Overall pick rating – 1. Imagine if they would’ve had the foresight to pick Parker, Randolph, Troy Murphy or a whole host of others at this spot instead of another 2 guard.

12) Vladamir Radmanovic – Seattle Sonics – I actually like looking back at the foreigners drafted in the first round. I watch the draft every single year. I guarantee I watched this and said “Who is Vladamir freaking Radmanovic?” Overall pick rating – 4. Turned out to be a pretty respectable pick, though.

13) Richard Jefferson – New Jersey Nets – I thought he was going to be a bust because he’s super athletic but lacks a jumper. The NBA has made superstars out of athletic players without a consistent jumper, though. Overall pick rating – 4. In fact, check out Jefferson’s new teammate Vince Carter’s all star votes year in and year out.

Other first and second round sleepers:
14) Troy Murphy – Golden State
19) Zach Randolph – Portland
25) Gerald Wallace – Sacramento
27) Jamal Tinsley – Indiana
28) Tony Parker – San Antonio
29) Trenton Hassel – Chicago
20) Gilbert Arenas – Golden State
38) Mehmet Okur – Detroit 

If they were to redraft again:
1) Pau Gasol
2) Tony Parker
3) Zach Randolph
4) Gilbert Arenas
5) Eddy Curry
6) Richard Jefferson
7) Jason Richardson
8) Troy Murphy
9) Joe Johnson
10) Jamal Tinsley
11) Mehmet Okur
12) Vladamir Radmanovic
13) Shane Battier

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